“I think it’s an aberration.”

“It” being this:

… For the first time since 2006, every SEC football team has returned its head coach — perhaps as close as the notoriously demanding, overbearing and fickle conference can come to signaling some form of patience or contentedness.

Yet no one seems quite certain how 14 of the South’s most scrutinized men together achieved a measure of group job security, tenuous as it might be, found in no other Power Five conference this past off-season.

Well, this might have something to do with it.

Some said the big buyout costs tied to the league’s coaching contracts influenced decisions — as of April, according to a USA Today database, at least nine SEC head coaches had school buyouts exceeding $10 million.

Jimmy Sexton smiles knowingly.  There’s a limit, of course, as a former head coach explains.

“Most of them have such big buyouts, they may get an extra year to see if they can get it going,” Spurrier said. “But if you lose two or three years in a row, they’ve got plenty of money, and they’ll have to make changes. It’s as simple as that.”

Shoot, at some places, losing several years in a row isn’t a prerequisite to a coaching change.  All it takes is a little Saban envy.

Did I mention that Jimmy Sexton smiles knowingly?


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9 responses to ““I think it’s an aberration.”

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Made me remember back in the 70’s when the 7 ACC basketball coaches had a few years without changes.


  2. hook

    All that Saban envy and yet Saban has never had a buyout. His first few years at Bama had the fans very nervous though.


  3. Derek

    I think there’s a reasonable chance we go two years in row without a change.

    Gus would seem the most likely target and he’s not a sure fire. Can’t think of anyone else who is really even at much risk in 2019. Everyone is either really new and/or doing essentially what the fans would expect.

    I would think Saban retiring has a greater chance than 2 sec coaches getting fired this year.


    • Tony Barnfart

      I’m too lazy for a deep dive into Ole Miss fan musings, but being in this neck of the woods, my impression is that Matt Luke is seen as a placeholder and no more. Feel bad for the guy–he’s done yeomen’s work in a thankless situation. If they go 1-7 in the SEC, they’ll probably make a change.


    • Dawgoholic

      Mullen better not lose to UK and Mizzou again. Add in a loss to FSU plus the expected losses and it may not be a close call. Maybe he’ll survive though. Like having him in the rivalry.


  4. Biggus Rickus

    It has more to do with the turnover a couple of years ago than anything. Coaching tenures stand at (including this season):

    Saban: 13 years
    Malzahn: 7 years
    Stoops: 7 years
    Mason: 6 years
    Smart: 4 years
    Odom: 4 years
    Muschamp: 4 years
    Orgeron: 3 years
    Luke: 3 years
    Mullen: 2 years
    Fisher: 2 years
    Morris: 2 years
    Pruitt: 2 years
    Moorhead: 2 years

    71% of the coaches are under five years. The only one of those guys who was (probably) protected by his buyout last year was Malzahn. Mason and Luke could lose their jobs this season depending on just how bad it goes, but I don’t think anyone else is in any danger barring some off the field nonsense.

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  5. Mayor

    Remind me…..Just how many losing seasons did Les Miles have at LSU and how many Nattys did he win for the Tigers?–and he still got the ax.