There’s a reason he got a seven-year deal.


Georgia Tech head coach Geoff Collins leaves the field. (Hyosub Shin /


I watched last night’s Tech-Clemson game, or at least as much as I could tolerate, so that you wouldn’t have to.  You’re welcome.

How bad was it?  Bad enough that it dawned on me before the first quarter came to an end that I felt sorry for the Georgia Tech defense, which came out with good energy, forced a punt on Clemson’s first series, managed to pick up two turnovers (one of them a brilliant interception) and still found itself on the wrong end of a 28-0 score.

The main reason for that was the Jackets’ non-existent offense.  For some reason, Collins gave the starting nod at quarterback to Tobias Oliver.  Oliver, you may remember, was the genius’ non-passing option last season and if you think he received some magic coaching up from the new staff, guess again.  As soon as Venables realized what he was dealing with, he did what anyone with a functioning brain would do:  play Cover 0 with the safeties within five yards of the line of scrimmage.  Tech lacked the personnel to make Clemson pay and the results were predictable.

None of that is surprising.  We all knew with the inevitable personnel mismatch resulting from the regime change, 2019 was going to be a long season on the Flats.  That’s why it’s hard to mock Collins for saying,

“We’re just going to continue to get better,” Collins said. “But just proud of the way they fought, the way they stuck together.”

That doesn’t absolve everyone from mockery, though.  StingTalk takes its usual hammer to the results and declares the game to be proof that Georgia sucksMark Bradley manages to combine a dismissal of Georgia in comparison to Clemson (“On the other hand, the Jackets have already played the best team they’ll see. (Yes, this includes Georgia.)”) with nostalgia for a happier time:

There was a time when Johnson’s Jackets could handle Dabo Swinney’s Tigers. That time is long gone. Clemson has risen to an exalted plane. Johnson no longer coaches Tech.

For Bradley, the genius has left the building.


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37 responses to “There’s a reason he got a seven-year deal.

  1. stoopnagle

    Watching that wasn’t as fun as I was expecting.


  2. 81Dog

    It was like watching baby seals get clubbed for 3 hours. Butch Jones 2.0 (NOW WITH WAFFLE HOUSE) got scattered, smothered, covered, and chunked. It may take him 7 years to get bowl eligible.


    • sniffer

      Baby seals and Tech players have something in common. They’re both small. That was boys amongst men last night.


  3. RangerRuss

    Touchdown Trevor tackles better than the Florida or Miami D.

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  4. Mark

    What’s wrong with you people?! This is tech we are talking about! There is no such thing as beating tech too bad, not by Clemson, not by Georgia, not by anybody! tech could be losing 185-0 in the third quarter, and I’d still be calling for their opponent to throw 80 yard bombs!

    [Bleep] ’em and the jalopy they rode in on.

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  5. Texas Dawg

    Hopefully Kirby was reading that and will run up the score just to prove that Clemson WAS NOT the best team they will face.

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  6. practicaldawg

    I started feeling sorry for GT’s receivers, who were basically just tasked with burning calories. The routes looked meaningless, and I’m not convinced they were even being directed by any kind of play. It just looked like yard ball and desperate QB keeps.


    • dawgtired

      Routes? You mean there were preciously planned paths the receivers were supposed to take? Not just, ‘everyone go out’ and I’ll run when a lane opens? I wonder if any of them looked back at the QB just in case.
      …just burning calories…LOL!


    • Hope their fit bits tracked their steps. Otherwise it would of been meaningless ya know?


  7. MDDawg

    I had a similar thought watching the first half. Tech’s defense didn’t seem to be playing that badly, but they were still down 28-0. That muffed punt at the beginning really hurt, plus that dude getting tackled by Lawrence after the INT.


  8. Macallanlover

    Bradley really doesn’t get this football thing does he? Doesn’t matter to me, this blog is the only place I ever hear his name mentioned, he should wear a Mr. Irrelevant shirt/jersey. Not intimidated by what I saw from Clem’s Son last night. Opening game, uninspiring challenge, etc. can certainly provide some cover but they will have to play better next week, or face some drama before putting A&M away. If they played 3-4 decent tests this season like other contenders do, we may not have had to see that ugly orange uniform in the playoffs. Unfortunately, while they are good, they don’t have to be to stroll into a Final Four spot.


  9. Got Cowdog

    Am I the only won who thought Clemson looked a little sloppy? Yes I know they scored 52. Tech also looked like a High School team comparatively, physically. Of course Dabo could have left Etienne in the whole game (Did they ever manage to tackle him or did he score every time he got the ball?) and tripled the 52.
    Anyway, I’m with Stoopnagle. That wasn’t as much fun as I thought it would be. Thank goodness we get to see some real football Saturday night.


    • Got Cowdog

      And..uh… CMR needs to up his game a little. On the announcing, I mean.


    • 92 grad

      Yeah, sloppy. The tiger OLine didn’t look good to me, even though they weren’t up against anything. I also saw more “look at me” stuff than I like, celebrating a tackle is like getting an adrenaline rush from remembering to take the trash out on trash day. I couldn’t watch more than the first half, TAMU game was better and they looked better to me.


  10. Admiral Sackbar

    If he’s as good a coach as Tech hopes he won’t stay there for his whole contract; I’d even wager that if they make it to a bowl the next 3 years, better opportunities will come knocking on his door.


  11. Ugldawg

    GT, already grossly outclassed…had almost nothing go their way. Two of Clemmons first quarter scores were gifts from the Nerds (deep fumbles). Tech actually stuffed Clemson’s first drive…and played a little run defense for awhile. But they were grossly outmatched, as they will be in almost every game they play. Clemson is the ONLY team in the ACC worth being on TV and the announcers fawned over every thing they did..even pedestrian plays. I LMAO when, as one of them was saying that Lawrence is a leading Heisman candidate, Lawrence was throwing an interception.
    You cannot take anything from this game. GT is unimaginably awful and the butthurt crowd over at ST and MB are just jealous.
    GT is the worst college football team in Georgia…including all levels. There may even be a couple of HS teams that could take them down.


  12. Doug

    Nothing like picking at the flaws of a team that just stomped you by 38 points. “Such-and-such wasn’t that good…I wasn’t all that impressed by…” Uh-huh, and if Clemson had really been playing at 10/10ths, the only question would’ve been whether they could put in their third string and still get to 70.

    Then again, if they couldn’t nitpick superior teams, Tech fans wouldn’t be able to nitpick anybody.


  13. Russ

    Well, thank Bradley for stoking my hate flames for both him and Tech. I was almost feeling sorry for them until that.


  14. TimberRidgeDawg

    work hard and get butter…

    The memories that brings back


  15. Cojones

    Don’t know how many this affected, but Clem covered with a 38 pt diff.. The idea that they could cover -37 playing any team is outrageous, much less doing that to an ACC member. It further illustrates the relative weakness in the conference. I’m very interested in their ooc games, but if they don’t get slammed around by anyone, their injury rate will be self-induced. What a lofty perch they have created in their first game whereas there is no pressure on any position and they can in-game train their next teams using freshmen and sophomores liberally.


  16. Red Cup

    Did you catch the nerds lifting weights on the sidelines before the game? That and entering their instagram accounts on the white board after turnovers is classic Butch Jones nonsense.


    • stoopnagle

      My favorite was the interns jumping up and down with the “$ DOWN” signs from Kinko’s when Clemmers had a 3rd down.


    • Careful Brad

      Collins is a joke and a clout chaser, I love having him on the flats. Someone mentioned that advertising players’ social media will more than likely just get trolls harassing them online. Did you see him after the game giving hugs to all of his players on the field in front of the cameras, something that could have been done in the locker room, but who would be able to see that?!?!


    • Doiug

      In devising his various motivational gimmicks, it’s almost as if Collins is trying to lean into the absolute most embarrassing stereotypes that Tech’s rivals (such as UGA) have about the Jackets. I remarked on Twitter last night that the whole whiteboard-Instagram-handle thing is basically the kind of thing I would’ve come up with in response to the question “What would Tech’s version of the Turnover Chain be,” and I wouldn’t have meant it as a compliment.


  17. Wait until Fech plays a quality team with an interest in the game. I imagine that’s going to happen on Thanksgiving weekend.

    November is coming, nerds. Get ready.


  18. Clicked on Stingtalk. Stopped reading after the very first comment. Some loser confidently declaring Collins beats Clemson in 3 years was all I needed to move on.


    • Biggen

      They are delusional over there and full of hate. I mean actually hate. Their forum is beginning to resemble what used to be.


  19. practicaldawg

    Why is no one asking Collins why he was wearing a long sleeve shirt and vest in SC on a muggy August night?


    • 92 grad

      These guys make so much money, they could be “on” anything. I’m an addict and I can say that these kind of observations can ring true. But, easy man, this stuff is no joke. It is a possibility for anyone and it can be serious in zero time. No joking, things can innocently creep up on anyone with the right doctor and right injuries. I have two slipped discs in my back and I thought I was sentenced to a life of opioid treatment, which didn’t work because it doesnt last. Always need more which leads to needing more, which leads to feeling sick, which for someone that doesnt know why leads to….. If you’ve never been addicted to anything and you don’t know why you feel like dying. I know your comment is not aggressive. I also know that people that profusely sweat can be in trouble. Just something I know from personal experience and I am sensitive about it. I’m drug free for 4 years now. It was cool when I was high tho….LOL


    • My bet is because he’s about 5’4” and trying to make himself not seem so tiny.


  20. jt10mc (the other one)

    I was only shocked Clemson punted at all and the nerds managed 14 points.


  21. Bulldog Joe

    The real #404theCULTURE can be found at Georgia State.