A handy guide to sort out your feelings

If you’re trying to figure out why you might be a little conflicted about Georgia’s 24-point win last night, this chart might help.

Basically, the offense was hell on wheels until the down marker struck three.


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27 responses to “A handy guide to sort out your feelings

  1. gastr1

    They were terrible in the second half. No sugar-coating it.


    • Silver Creek Dawg

      The game was over. Vandy wasn’t coming back.

      We also were VERY vanilla. I counted 4 different formations for the entire game and about 12 different plays total out of those 4 formations. ND will not have seen anything on film like what we will show them on the 21st.


  2. David K

    Fromm goes to the underneath check-down receiver every single time. I’m sure he’s coached to play that way but if we don’t figure out how to throw the ball downfield occasionally, we’re never going to get over the hump.


  3. more spinners

    We have seen this kind of production too many times lately.
    Bama, Texas, Florida, Vandy.
    Offense just damn disappears in 2nd half.
    Other teams adjustment? Failure of the OC and staff to adjust? HC putting on the brakes? Players deciding to take rest of the game off?
    This is becoming a bad habit.
    Finish the game!


    • Jeff Sanchez

      At this point I think it’s safe to say it’s a Kirby thing. He shuts it down when we have a comfortable lead and just squeezes the life out of the game.

      I know I sound like a spoiled fan, but….it’s honestly boring football. Not really fun to watch.

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      • Russ

        I have to agree. I know I’m spoiled, but yeah, it takes a lot of the satisfaction out of a good win when the team just farts along for the second half.


      • I like boring 2nd halves against overmatched teams. It means we aren’t likely to get a starter hurt for an extended period.


        • Bigshot

          How about getting ahead enough that you don’t have to leave your starters in? Especially, like at QB for example. I know there were a lot of 2nd teamers in, but for goodness sake can’t we give a back-up QB some playing time?


  4. Paul

    First half mostly rocked. Second half sucked. Period. We won’t go far if we can’t move on third down. Looked good early and then reverted to sloppy, unfocused, penalty prone, “we can win on talent alone” Georgia of years past. Wasn’t particularly encouraging. Hate to bring it up but it was the very definition of taking our foot of the gas.

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  5. Bob

    If that is the best O line in the country, CFB is in trouble. After those first three drives, protection was bad. Also, short downs continue to be an issue. I realize we got up quickly. I realize it was first game. But it was disconcerting.


    • The Truth

      ^^^This all day long. And I was more than a little disappointed that Kirby waved off our 3rd and 4th and 1 failings by referencing our rushing total. That’s like having a kicker who consistently hits 50 yd field goals but can’t make an extra point. You’re in deep shit if you need an extra point to win a game, I don’t care how many 50 yarders he hit. I will never consider our o line dominant until we can pick up a yard at will.

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  6. Bulldog Joe

    On the flip side, our DL got stronger as the game progressed.

    Good to see some on this team with a killer instinct.



    Some people here are forever miserable…

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    • California dawg

      Some people here can’t understand the concept that criticizing your team doesn’t make you miserable or a hater. It is possible to celebrate the good things that happened (opening offensive series) while also questioning the bad (can’t convert on 4th and 1, offense got weird and conservative, Fromm didn’t exactly play like a 3rd year veteran). Yes it’s the first game and everyone was varying degrees of sloppy, but Bama, Clemson and hell even LSU managed to put up crazy numbers despite first game jitters. I’m not confident this week 1 team could beat any of those teams right now.

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  8. I saw Vandy being content to go man on our receivers and load the box otherwise when they realized Kirby had maintained the “impose our will” philosophy again this season. Georgia tried to loosen it some with spread formations but folks were sold on the run and they dont expect ANY level of play action on 3rd and 4th and short yardage situations. They know he’s going between the tackles. Until Georgia shows otherwise somewhere we are going to continue to have folks selling out and squeezing every gap. Our best shirt yardage conversion was basically the line wedging together and falling forward three yards while Herrien crawled over their backs. Vandy shot the gaps the rest of the way and there was always someone in our backfield grabbing at ankles or disrupting the play.

    Perhaps we are saving something for a future game (I know that’s a tired philosophy, but you never know) but our oline can be 500 pounds and 8 feet tall but still cant do shit against a numbers game of mismatching when everyone in the field knows what’s coming. Hell, even Alabama opened up their offense and it seems to work fine for them (except Clemson) and I cant help but wonder how much more we could pick up in the ground by loosening the defenses up by having a little more balanced attack.

    A W is a W. I hope it keeps rolling that way.


  9. spur21

    I attribute some of the lackluster 2nd half to Kirby not wanting to completely humiliate his good friend Mason and I’m OK with that.


  10. practicaldawg

    I don’t get the negativity about this game, especially the OL. Wasn’t the failed 4th down conversion the only negative yardage play of the game? That’s mind boggling to me.

    Bottom line… even Alabama fans are unhappy with their Duke win. They only gained like 150 yards on the ground and Tua was sacked and pressured way too much for an Alabama OL that was supposed to be lights out.

    In other words, week 1 isn’t perfect, but I’ll take domination on the scoreboard any day.


  11. Milledge Hall

    I believe it was a very vanilla offense on purpose.
    Also a very vanilla defense on purpose.
    I don’t think Fromm was sacked once. He was hurried, but I don’t think he was sacked.
    The receivers looked dominant, even if there were some mistakes on routes.
    There were too many penalties, otherwise, there would have been more points, and the defense would have had a shutout.
    Sure, plenty to clean up.
    Overall, a great win.

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  12. I’m not too conflicted. We were obviously less aggressive with the play calling after we got up 3 TDs. As a result, we got sloppy. A lot of the penalties hurt us with 3rd down conversions, which lead to settling for FGs instead of more TDs. Imo, they could have easily doubled the point total had they stayed as aggressive as they were the first few possessions.

    I saw some serious hand wringing yesterday because we didn’t blow them out more. Wasn’t long ago when we worried about playing Vandy. Now you’ve got folks complaining and claiming that Fromm can’t make plays even though the staff clearly toned it down after a while. Seems the problem is that people saw the days Eason and Fields had but it should be obvious by now that Smart doesn’t run up scores just to pad stats. My only complaints are the penalties and why we left Fromm in the entire game if they were gonna get kinda conservative. I expect starters will get pulled much sooner over these next 2 games, though. Vandy was our biggest challenge before ND.

    Last night was a true game of two halves but they were all on our end. I believe that was mostly by design, along with some sloppy play. Hell, we still had 325 yds rushing and 8 different pass receivers, sacks, tfl, great returns and a nearly blocked FG. It says a lot about the expectations and what is legitimately possible when the game basically got kinda boring.


  13. Mayor

    Early in the season. O will be just fine in time for ND—D too. Back away from the ledge everyone.