If hating you is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

With all due apologies to Boobie Whitlow, I’m not one of those people who roots for rival SEC programs when they’re not facing Georgia so the conference looks good.  Screw that nonsense; I wanna watch ’em burn to the ground.

Speaking of burn, you can call this a metaphor or an omen for what unfolded in Neyland Stadium yesterday.  Either works.

Your boat sunk and your team sucked.  But at least you have your health.

You say that like it’s a bad thing, Barrett.

UT’s offense looked disorganized and its defense looked disinterested — clearly, a tribute to a great coaching staff.

But I would be remiss if I let the ultimate blame fall on Jeremy Pruitt.  Nah, let’s give credit where credit is really due.

Gawd, that makes me so happy.


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33 responses to “If hating you is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

  1. mwo

    I feel the same way about the other teams. Why in hell would I want a team to do well that my team plays or recruits against? I never understood the conference allegiance.


    • gastr1

      Totally agree. I just wanted Auburn to get crushed last night. Lucky sonsofbitches.

      Also, I would have thought Pruitt could do better than this. I mean, this GSU team is not expected to be good even in the Sun Belt. Is UTK really as bad as Arkansas? Cannon shots all around, lol.


  2. Conference loyalty is for suckers.

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  3. Faulkner

    This has to be a bigger upset than App State taking down Michigan. Freaking Ga State! LOL


    • gastr1

      Michigan was a top 25 team, though, if memory serves. And App State was FCS at the time & the first to beat…a P5 team? Is that right? Anyway, no, GSU beating shit-ass UTK is not a bigger upset.

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      • Tronan

        I’ve been wondering about that today. Appy State was a top FCS team at the time and Michigan was only so-so. Michigan still should have won, but the fact it was a close game maybe shouldn’t have been surprising.

        The Hillbillies aren’t good and are almost certainly worse than that UM team that lost to Appy State. But, GSU was supposed to be (and probably is) bad even by the standards of its lesser conference.

        So, is a good FCS team beating an average though blue-blooded P5 team a bigger upset than a bad Sun Belt team beating a bad though blue-blooded P5 team? Maybe not.


  4. The Truth

    Bluto, I’m glad you gave voice and some validation to my attitude as well — that S-E-C, S-E-C crap is for the birds.


  5. ChiliDawg

    Hey, where’s those posters who have been chirping about what a good coach Pruitt is and how “they’re going to surprise this year?” They sure surprised alright!

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  6. Brandon

    This is all part of Phil’s master plan to assume the crown once more, with this loss and the inevitable meltdown of Lex Luthor approaching ever closer, the great round, orange Machiavelli is that much closer to achieving his goal.


    • Whiskeydawg

      I drove across Tennessee on 40 & then down 840 to 24 twice within the past 2 weeks. I remarked to a friend I was with, I saw no vehicles with an orange “T” or Vol anything. I wonder how much orange is left in Knoxville?


  7. Salty Dawg

    Yeah, I don’t buy into that conference thing at all. My brother (not a Dawg) tried to claim that our Rose Bowel win was more for the SEC, not GA, so much. I told him differently. That was a GA win, through and through. The SEC hangers on didn’t have jack to do with it.


  8. towniedawg

    “Can an entire fan base and team enter the transfer portal ? Asking for a friend.

    Posted by gpickle on Sep 1, 2019 | 3:32 AM “



    • Cojones

      Can’t find the poster now, but have been laughing all day at the post: Rumor is that Smoky is looking for the transfer portal.

      Would recommend that Smoky get adopted except he now has become the Service Dog of the Tenn faithful, although the hurt in his eyes would make for weeping instead of comfort.


  9. Normaltown Mike

    Was lurking at Rocky Top and saw a reference to Kirby “almost” losing to Nichols State.

    I guess for Ewe Tee “Year Two” doesn’t actually kick in til year 3.

    Was also shocked how many folks praising Butch


  10. W Cobb Dawg

    “There was that one glorious afternoon where Tennessee had hired Mike Leach. But noooooo.”

    Leach must’ve had temporary insanity. I’m not sure GSU’s Shawn Elliott would accept the job now.

    And what’s that old joke about ‘the best day in a boat owner’s life?’


  11. Calling 10rc a dumpster fire right now is an insult to dumpster fires.


  12. Texas Dawg

    Not that I care about any of the other SEC teams, but some times you need to root for them. Losing to a joke like 10RC did will cut into our strength of schedule should we need it later. Losing to NC as SC did was a more appropriate outcome. One of our rivals lost, and since NC will probably be OK it wont hurt our SOS as much. Georgia State may not win another game all year (and the same holds true for 10RC)


  13. Hunkering Hank

    Breaking news: Smokey the dog has entered the transfer portal.


  14. Macallanlover

    Paraphrasing the Ga State coach in the locker room after the win, “they say in the SEC that ‘it just means more’, well I can tell you today it didn’t just mean more to them than it did to this team”. Well played, Sir. That wasn’t a near upset in the conventional sense, TN was dominated in the 2nd half and is very lucky the score ended up as close as it did.

    They had to every chance to end up with a W but were either unable to compete, or didn’t really care. I am going to come down on the latter option, and I think that spells more trouble than the first. Easier to find talent than to cut a wide spread, rotten culture out of a locker room. It wasn’t just just one position group that was getting whupped, it was across the board, in both sides of the ball. And the first chance to fix the jimmies and joes may have taken a serious hit yesterday, what talented HS recruit really want to spend his college career laying bricks for the future and never getting to enjoy the fruits of his labor? A couple of their recruits may jump ship early to beat the rush; the alternative is to play in front of a half empty stadium of hillbillys booing your effort. The ones who truly have options had better make their reservations early. Wonder if Wolf has any advice to them after he plays in Athens for the good guys the next three weeks?


  15. CPark58

    Man, I said that Pruitt would be a great HC hire for some SEC team. I was thinking of vacancies at Tennessee or A&M, I didn’t realize he would be great hire for every other SEC team who already had a head coach.

    If you’re going to be really really wrong, be wrong in a way that makes one of your rivals crater to unimaginable depths.


  16. Mayor

    Right Senator. Those dopes had the Pirate and let him get away. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Good for us too because UT with Mike Leach at the helm would have been a tough out.


  17. Cojones

    There aren’t enough words to express the sight of D-linemen watching the play continue from 3 ft away and walking away. No enthusiasm for the game whatsoever. No helping your teammate, no nothing. Something was wrong on that team that transcended what occurred on that field.



  18. CB

    There was a time for conference pride during the BCS, but that time is dead. I hate all teams outside of Athens and I relish their failures.


  19. I’m a UGA die-hard fan. All the other SEC teams can kiss my bum. The more they lose, the better our recruits.