One shining moment

Here’s how you make Greg Sankey proud.

Apparently, neither could Gus’ lucky rabbit’s foot.


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7 responses to “One shining moment

  1. FlyingPeakDawg

    There’s not enough space on the internets to describe everything Oregon did wrong in the 4th quarter. Unbelievably bad coaching and play from top to bottom. And the broadcast team’s gushing over Nix at the end was nauseating. Fine, Auburn. Go ahead and think you’re better than you are. Let’s see what TAMU, LSU and Bama have to say. I hope we hurt them so bad their Mamas cry.

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  2. stsbms

    Oregon as an ATLANTIC COAST Conference team? I know conference realignment has gerrymandered some questionable conference affiliates, but that’s about ridiculous as you can get. Something tells me Mr. Whitlow is not a geography major.


  3. Bulldog Joe

    Good. Sign him up for another seven years.


  4. Macallanlover

    I saw very little of the game, all at the end after UGA, and heard bits and pieces, but it sounded like Oregon has stepped their game up. A team physical enough to dominate, or hang with, AU in a high profile game should be a force on the Left Coast. Perhaps a 12-1 conference champ who only has that slight blemish will be considered strong enough to earn a spot in our “abbreviated” playoff system. 🙂 I couldn’t begrudge them that if they continue to play well, and certainly the media groups would want all that population (apathetic as they are) to dangle in front of advertisers for a game, or two. I did record it so I want to see how it went down. Ducks weren’t the only ones who may have taken their foot off the gas early, Mr Smart certainly seemed to back off his “let ‘er rip” offensive statements from last week. It felt like Chaney was back in the booth after those first few drives and calling for unimaginative dive plays into a stacked box on all short yardage calls in the 2nd half.