TFW your hot take doesn’t age well



Now, leave the goddamned bottle and go away.


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    That game was awesome.


  2. Tronan

    Yet another pundit who has a job because … um … er … hmmm …

    I have no idea.


    • Classic City Canine

      Because he knows how to play the crazies like a g-d fiddle, just like many of our political media pundits. He taps into base emotions and amplifies them to the point of distortion, but it for some reason that works on a lot of us, humans.

      But yes, you’re right. Just like most pundits, they contribute nothing to society but rake in the dough by stirring the pot.

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  3. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I hear Smokey has entered the transfer portal, and you know he licks his balls and smells other dogs asses and he can’t stand the stink of UT football.


  4. Classic City Canine

    Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Paul Penis-head and ESPN for dramatically expanding his platform? Seriously, what makes this guy think his opinion matters more than Aaron Murray’s? Murray has way more expertise to draw on than Finebaum.

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  5. Drew Butler is a DGD. Aaron is class. He didn’t decide to get into the mud with PaWWL the Pig.

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  6. California dawg

    If you aren’t listening to Aaron Murray and Drew Butler’s podcast Punt and Pass please do so at once.

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  7. Finebaum is a carnival barker who figured out the power of bringing WWE style trash to moron Gumps.


  8. Bulldog Joe

    Paul will have to find something else to troll UGA on. Like QBRs.


  9. Cash Money

    Maybe it’s because Aaron Murray knew that Pruitt constantly disrespected Richet, told Richt to f-off IN A GAME when he suggested a different defensive play call and tried to fight Richt in his front yard while drunk at a coaches only dinner at his house. What leadership material.

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  10. Anonymous

    I have been on the record since the beginning that Pruitt would crash and burn at Tennessee. The only thing left for the completion of this story is for it to be announced that his wife is leaving him after his is caught in some extra-marital weirdness. This is simply Rush Probst playing out on a larger stage and without the Championships.

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    • PDawg30577

      Cornbread is a redneck scumbag. I want him to humiliate himself on and off the field. On-field, he’s already done it in historic fashion, in Game 1 of Year 2.

      Off-field, I can definitely see him going off and threatening the wrong person with an ass whooping. Then the best-case scenario would be that someone whips his ass for him and he gets fired. That or he whips Phil Fulmer’s ass, and Phil looks worse than Bobby Petrino after a bad motorcycle mishap as he stands at the lectern to announce Pruitt’s termination.


  11. truck

    It may be petty of me, but I enjoyed the Tennessee loss every bit as much as the Georgia win. I lived in Nashville for three years and grew to despise Vol fans.

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  12. To me the best play of the game was the 4th q Ga State Td run and the 2 hapless vols running into each other and knocking themselves out.

    Second best play was the Vol LB showing off after a tackle when the game was pretty much out of reach late 4h q.


    • Russ

      Yep, we need a gif of that play so I can watch it over and over. Sort of like the two Gator players blocking each other when they lost to Georgia Southern.


  13. The Truth

    UT can’t lose often enough and bad enough to suit me and I really don’t care who’s harmed in the process.


  14. Texas Dawg

    So the “PENIS WITH EARS” was wrong again. I’m shocked.


  15. Hogbody Spradlin

    “I don’t give 2 rips what Aaron Murray thinks.”

    Very revealing


  16. jhorne2000

    I went to sleep last night looking forward to two things for today :

    1) Reading about Tennessee’s marvelous failure

    2) Reading about the Dawgs’ victory.

    And I gottta be honest , I was maybe a bit more excited about the former.

    Thanks for the good content on both today Senator !


    • Gaskilldawg

      I got a kick out of that article.
      Interesting fact. After the Hail Mary in Athens in 2016 UT has been 4-18 in conference play and 13-20 overall.


  17. BMan

    F the hillbillies and the cousin they rode in on.