TFW your worst isn’t their best

Now this is some Olympic-level trolling.


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13 responses to “TFW your worst isn’t their best

  1. The Truth

    That is an epic, EPIC comment.


  2. Bulldog Joe

    It’s where you can find the real #404theCULTURE.


  3. Reverend Whitewall

    What makes it even worse, is that’s the same Shawn Elliott who coached the Gamecocks to a loss against The Citadel while he was interim head coach. Now he’s coming in and beating you in your house with a Ga State team. That’s just crazy.


  4. Cojones

    Those shot opportunities occur rarely in life and to get that curved barbed hook implanted where it will never come out is even more rare. Perfect shot at a perfect time.

    Way to go Shawn Elliot and I hope they paid ye handsomely and your team even more. Your team gobsmacked CFB yesterday and I can’t tell you how entertaining it was. Your team showed a belief in themselves and didn’t have to rely on luck, especially in the 4th when you took command of the game.

    It’s moments like this that make CFB richer and more viable. Hope Gameday plays your conquest over and over to show what fine running and blocking can do against a better armed foe. Hats off to you guys and….when can we get you on our schedule?


  5. Tronan

    How miserable would we have been had we lost that game to Nichols State in Kirby’s first year? The victory was traumatic enough.

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  6. Anonymous

    TFW Shawn Elliott’s plan was beat Tennessee at the LOS and it worked. With all of the talk about Pruitt, no one is talking about Will Friend and Tracy Rocker.


  7. Whiskeydawg

    The Vol Navy on fire and the Philistines running rampid over the white and orange checkers. Some of my family members are Vols; they’re so completely traumatized they won’t answer the phone, text, or post on social media. I love it.


    • Mark

      I frequented a UGA message board in the late 90s/early 2000s. There were several Vols who regularly showed their asses at the end of their 9-in-a-row win string. Oddly, they disappeared after the 2001 game.

      The best part of Tennessee’s current troubles, and yesterday’s game, is that I just know that those assholes are about to bust blood vessels in their heads. Makes me smile.

      FTMFT = [bleep] those mother – [bleepers], too.


  8. Red Cup

    Is this Pruitt’s second year bump?