TFW you’re finally free

Yeah, this happened on national television.

Hey, there were times he made decisions that made me feel like that, too.


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4 responses to “TFW you’re finally free

  1. Classic City Canine

    For some reason some of your embedded tweets this week are not showing up until you click on the post.

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  2. Bulldog Joe

    Showing FSU fans what it’s like to lose to Boise.


    • Cojones

      I warned FSU friends and fans that they were nothing to take lightly – ever. They have 4-,5- and even 6-year guys playing on that team who qualify as asst coaches.

      Told them that they needed an ugly uniform to take Boise’s mind off the game … wait – that didn’t work.


  3. Mayor

    Senator, if you mean falling down and laying in the fetal position that’s exactly how I felt when CMR blew the SECCG and our natty in 2012.