If Kirby ain’t worried…

Does this sound like a man who fretted over Saturday night’s win?  Not to these ears.

The telling moment there was his response to the question about the offense flopping on a couple of third-and-shorts.  Instead of complaining, Smart hits the reporter with rushing yardage stats.

That game was a Process coach’s dream — a comfortable win, but with enough mistakes to clean up that the players will listen this week when they’re being chewed out over them.


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19 responses to “If Kirby ain’t worried…

  1. Kirby has figured this thing out. Defend his players in public like he did on Saturday night. Have his list of things to let them know need to be fixed before September 21 for yesterday’s team meeting.

    I don’t imagine the middle of the offensive line is going to have a fun week with the Pitt Boss.

    As you said, it was The Process coach’s dream opening weekend.


  2. gastr1

    His answer re: havoc rate was absurd. “I don’t really know what the question is.” The question is, Is this what you envisioned re: improved havoc rate?

    I’ll follow up, CKS: Since you seemed pleased, is 3 TFL, 4 hurries, 1 sack, 1 batted ball, 1 TO enough, especially against a mediocre team? I think they ran 62 plays, that’s about a 16% havoc rate, right? I thought the defense played very well overall, but I have to consider the opponent…I don;t see this team lighting up many scoreboard this year, especially with those QBs. Plus, after all the talk, what exactly are we looking for, anyway?


    • Gaskilldawg

      Your data is why Smart pretended to not understand the question.


      • Without 3 personal foul penalties at the end of the 2nd quarter, no one is saying anything about the defense because there is a big goose egg on the scoreboard.


      • gastr1

        My data!? My data is crap, obviously. So “havoc rate” is bullshit, then, is what you’re saying, and KS doesn’t have to explain something for which there is no explanation?

        Coaches and their sycophants, I tells ya.


        • Gaskilldawg

          Shit, man, I wasn’t contradicting you. Smart knows what havoc rate is. He just did not want to express disappointment in our havoc rate.


    • Vanderbilt might be mediocre, but their skill players are not. I thought the D did a really good job against the wideout and the tight end. The running block broke some tackles and got outside a time or two, but he didn’t go crazy either. Havoc lite, but overall D heavy.


  3. Cojones

    Petty Prick says: I wish that Kirby didn’t have a minder during games to control his entry onto the playing field. It’s a bad look, as if he doesn’t have control over his own actions and can’t correct that. Did he have a minder at ‘Bama?


    • Classic City Canine

      Yes. Scott Cochran was his get-back coach at Alabama.


      • Dawg1

        We should have a get back coach in other lines of work or life.

        The lawyer in front of a judge, or maybe before I went up to the ugly girl at 2am!

        I needed a get back coach right then!


    • Anonymous

      It isn’t that he can’t control his own actions; it is that he doesn’t have time for that shit. He can’t take time away from coaching to moderate himself so as to make sure he doesn’t get a penalty. Scott Sinclair is given that task instead. That level of attention to detail and planning for those details ahead of time are why Saban and Smart are such good coaches.


    • California dawg

      Meh, who cares. At least he’s engaged.


  4. Mike Cooley

    Vandy had six points on two field goals and two hundred something yards of total offense. Anybody complaining about the defense is being too hard to please.

    As for the O, my only issue is the third down problems. I absolutely think we could have scored another fourteen or so points fairly easily if we hadn’t gone into ultra conservative mode. But it does bug me that we had the problems we had on third down. Now having said that, I think it will be fixed.


    • Macallanlover

      Agree, KS can deflect the question in the PC but short yardage play calling and OL blocking with no push is a problem I didn’t expect to see in 2019. When I saw the pass on the first goal line play I got excited, that was the only example of a different philosophy in those situations that I saw.

      Bad look, I wouldn’t vote UGA’s line in the Top 5 after seeing that run blocking issue, or the number of times Vandy pressured Fromm on pass plays. Of course they are good, didn’t come off as great though. I know, 325 yards. But I also saw 52 minutes without a TD. And it was Vandy, not a Top tier defensive group. We all have to have something to concern them about, that is mine.


  5. Classic City Canine

    Kirby seems more in love with his brand of physical football than scoring points and keeping up the aggression. That’s how you get Bama players talking about how UGA was the most physical team they played while Clemson players got rings. It’s not 2011 anymore Kirby. Even Saban has adjusted.


  6. Classic City Canine

    Kirby seems more in love with his physical brand of football than scoring points and keeping up the aggression. That’s how you get Bama players talking about how Georgia was the toughest team they played while Clemson players get rings. It’s not 2011 anymore Kirby. Even your mentor has adapted. Let’s do the same.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    I’m starting to question whether a 2, or even 3, TE set works well on short yardage situations. I think you need a FB, or a jumbo package, the wild Dawg, or a QB that can tuck it and run with speed and/or power.

    It would be an interesting study to see which formations are most successful in short yardage.