Is Agent Muschamp’s work done here?

Year 4 of the Boom Era got off to a swimming start, marked by the usual offensive improvement that is a Muschamp staple…

… as well as holding its own against its in state rival.

In case you’re wondering — and you’re hardly alone if you are — Muschamp’s buyout is exactly what you’d expect after Jimmy Sexton spent a little time with an AD who was a former baseball coach.

I’d love to know what program Sexton convinced Tanner was a threat to bid for Boom’s services.  Not that it matters right now, with that buyout…


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16 responses to “Is Agent Muschamp’s work done here?

  1. Classic City Canine

    It boggles the mind to see these AD’s handing out these millstone-sized buyouts. If you’re going to (over)pay coaches, pay them more cash in the annual salary and keep the buyout low.

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  2. Spike

    It’s obscene what these buy outs are for these overrated coaches. Boom is a prime example. Wow.. but the Cocks deserve it.

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  3. Maybe some big Cock booster can convince Boom to go on a deep sea fishing venture to hump a big shark on the deck.


  4. I will go to my grave beating this drum: the overwhelming majority of college ADs are hanger ons who have been Peter Principled to the big chair.

    The reason Sexton can roll them so easily is because they are incompetent and not particularly qualified to lead organizations such as athletic departments.

    There are probably a dozen really great ADs in the entire country.


    • Anonymous

      I think the problem is that, like for CEOs, there isn’t a job you can do that will prepare you for all of the skills you need to be a great AD. The hangers on work their way up a single stove-pipe within the associations. McGarity has a Finance degree from Terry and worked his way up through the Finance section at Georgia before taking over the Finance section at Florida. Finances happens to be the one place where McGarity does an excellent job. He obvious hasn’t spent nearly enough time working with the Public Relations department.

      I think that being a Head Coach is probably the best primer for being a good AD. The work is different, but I think it develops the group of skills needed better than working your way up in a silo.


      • Being a former head coach sets you up for being played by Jimmy Sexton in contract negotiations.

        If you’re going to be a stove pipe guy, you better surround yourself with people who can help you with the stuff you don’t know.

        If you’re going to be a former head coach, you better have someone who is really damn good at operations or finance and you can trust to tell you what you may not want to hear … like Jimmy Sexton is playing you like a fiddle.


        • Anonymous

          and the non-coaches aren’t currently getting fleeced by Jimmy Sexton? Contract negotiations are one of hundreds of things an AD has to do. The former HC likely had Jimmy Sexton fleece the AD on his behalf while he was coaching and should know what to look for.

          An AD from any background needs experts in operations, finance, etc. My point was about what job helps you build the skill set needed. Coaching requires delegation, holding other accountable, prioritization of effort / money, branding / messaging, working with media, organization analysis, logistics supports, etc. These skills are why a lot of really good Coordinators absolutely flop as Head Coaches. These are also skills a good AD needs that are not developed in the stove-piped jobs within Athletic Departments.


  5. Mick Jagger

    Why do AD’s agree to these buy-outs?


  6. Boom ain’t afraid of no stinking buy out….


  7. practicaldawg

    At least SC can fall back on women’s basketball. Tennessee doesn’t even have that now.