Observations from the armchair, Nashville Skyline edition

Another season, another barrage of bullet points:

  • Maybe it’s the onset of old age, or maybe it’s something else like the camera work (I know that stadium makes it tough), but I had a devil of a time keeping up with who was on the field at a given time, especially on defense.
  • If you were expecting one change from Chaney to Coley was going to be pace, then no doubt you were disappointed.  Georgia only had four possessions in the first half.
  • Of course, the offense was remarkably efficient on the first three of those.  It looked almost too easy.  My favorite sequence came on the second scoring drive, when Fromm’s beautiful deep pass to Robertson was called back because of a holding penalty, only to see Jake go back to Robertson on the very next play with a pass underneath for a nifty 17-yard gain.
  • There’s plenty for everyone to bitch about, I know, judging from the comments here and elsewhere, but the only thing that really bugged me on the night was how poor the offense looked running the two-minute drill.  That was really the first hint to me that the interest level had dropped, something that’s as much on the coaches as the players.
  • Overall, the offensive line had a very good day, as you would expect when your team rushes for more than 300 yards, gives up zero sacks and almost no tackles for loss.  One thing that was very obvious to me is that Trey Hill is the o-line’s weather vane.  He dominated as a run blocker, was good with one-on-one pass protection… and struggled to pick up some of the more exotic stunts and other calls Vandy came at him with.  His improvement on the last matter there is something to watch as the season progresses.
  • My preseason concern about the receiving corps has certainly lessened.  Robertson looked smooth.  Landers continues to progress and showed me a little something with his blocking, something I bet warms the cockles of Kirby’s heart.  Cager also had a nice catch.  There’s more than enough talent to make up for the personnel losses; just give ’em time.
  • Wolf and Woerner had three catches between them, which doesn’t sound like much, but considering that Georgia only had 20 receptions total, it’s not bad.  Where both really excelled was in blocking.  Woerner’s started off much better in that regard than he did last season.  And if you haven’t had the chance to do so yet, make sure you check out Wolf’s simultaneous block of two Vanderbilt defenders on Herrien’s touchdown run.
  • I don’t know about you, but I think the Dawgs are gonna be okay at tailback.  Swift is Swift.  White is talented, but has a little rust to knock off; it’s hard to see how he won’t be the number two guy by season’s end.  Herrien is serviceable, but I think I’d be giving a few of his carries to Cook, who clearly looks bigger than he did last season and hasn’t lost any of his quicks.
  • And then there’s Fromm.  At times it almost seemed like he was trying to live up to all the broadcast booth’s game manager talk, but, really, when your running game is averaging more per carry than you’re getting per pass attempt, wouldn’t you be changing the call at the line, too?  The only moment in the game I thought he was forcing things a bit was when he tried on back to back passes to hit Pickens with a TD throw.  He certainly didn’t dazzle on the night, but it’s not like there’s much to complain about, either.  (One caveat, again, is the camera work.  There were a lot of plays where you couldn’t see how things were developing downfield and ESPN wasn’t consistent with its replays.)
  • I’m not sure I was expecting to type these words, but this year’s defense looks faster than last year’s.  That was obvious from the first snap, which made Vaughn’s success getting outside early on perhaps the night’s biggest surprise.  (Then again, when you hold one of the SEC’s three best backs well under 100 yards, you’ve done your job.)
  • The night’s most positive development was how much stronger the d-line looked in the second half, when it really took over the game.  Georgia’s offense may not have done much, but Vanderbilt’s did even less.  I think the coaches are still mixing and matching players, so I don’t doubt that there’s more shuffling of personnel to come.  Whatever comes of that, Davis and Young will be in the mix.
  • Monty Rice is nasty.
  • Tae Crowder is a smart player who knows his assignments well, but I don’t think getting dragged by Vaughn is a good omen for his future as a starter.
  • Man, is this team loaded at outside linebacker!  I thought Ojulari was a good pass rush specialist, but he looked like someone who can play the rush well, too.  But the rest of his cohorts — Smith, Anderson, Johnson, etc. — it seemed like they were a relentless wave that just kept coming.
  • The secondary wasn’t tested much, especially deep.  Reed is certainly the glue who holds the back end together.  LeCounte was okay, but I continue to wait for his breakout game where he brings all his physical talent to bear consistently.  I’m not ready to say that Stokes has fully replaced Baker, but I’m not exactly worried when the ball is thrown in his direction, either.  Campbell looks more physical and aggressive, and while I thought the PI call he got was BS, I still wish he’d learn how to turn his head in the direction of the ball.  Webb was solid at the Star.
  • As far as special teams go, Blankenship was his usual automatic self.  Camarda blasted a couple of punts (even the one he put in the end zone wound up being a net 45-yarder).  I love sticking Jordan Davis on the kick blocking team; he’s big enough and athletically freaky enough to make an impact there, as he showed when he got a hand on a field goal kick.  The one sticking point, the return game, was understandable, given Holloman’s shoes to fill.  Better judgment on whether to field a punt, or return a kickoff will come, hopefully.  Tyler Simmons’ knee was offsides, unfortunately.
  • If this felt like a Kirby-coached game, that’s because it was.  After the three easy scores, the offense went into scrimmage mode.  There were adjustments made defensively at the half, and they showed well.  Other than that, there’s not much to say.

Georgia leads the East, there were no serious injuries to speak of and the Dawgs have two cupcake games to tune up with before facing Notre Dame in what should be the most-hyped regular season game in Athens in many moons.  All in all, hardly what you’d call a bad night, unless you’re really trying.



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27 responses to “Observations from the armchair, Nashville Skyline edition

  1. TN Dawg


    Short yardage fails still bugged me.

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    • gastr1

      This will be Herrien’s thing. He’s the tough runner in the mix and will get opportunities for this reason and pass blocking if nothing else. (He should have been the man on that 4th down, IMO, though I doubt it would have mattered all that much in that spot.)

      Hopefully we can at least run off tackle instead of right up the middle every time.


  2. “All in all, hardly what you’d call a bad night, unless you’re really trying.“

    Ha, just wait!


  3. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    “…the only thing that really bugged me on the night was how poor the offense looked running the two-minute drill.”

    That bugged me as well mainly because we have so good at it in the past couple of years. For example, I think there is a good argument that we don’t beat OK in the Rose Bowl if we don’t score right before the half with seconds on the clock. I hope that is a fixable issue.

    The other thing that is bugging me is return guys wanting to run back kickoffs. Given the current rules, there is no sense in it. Invariably we end up with worse field position than the default 25 yard line. We should never return a kick until opposing teams believe we are never going to return a kick and quit trying to cover it. Then….well okay, give it a shot.


  4. Down Island Way

    O-line and special teams maybe the strength week in and week for this team all season..seems like yesterday there was a Big deal concerning “the specs” scholarship thing, he’s a fixture now


  5. Hey guys after going back and forth at slow speed and even slower IMHO # 77 played a much better game and fir damn sure was the more violent right guard. I love Cleveland but… Mayes Owens his ass.



    I thought Justin young played a great game. He was all over field chasing plays from behind making tackles and eating space.


  7. Saw a commercial( During the UGA vs VU game) for UA vs AU Nov 16 1907 at the State fairgrounds. Then Yale vs GEORGIA October 12, 1928 Kickoff 2 PM eastern Eastern Time Price $3.00. Sanford Stadium 1928! Some no helmet all no facemask. Five games in six days. Final score 91 to 0. Want to ask me why it just means more? The South and history go hand in hand. My Grandaddy was a DAWG Fan. I am 61 years old. I am and forever have been a DAWG Fan. My son is 32 years old and NEVER pulled for any other team than the UGA. Make all the jokes some people want but it really does JUST MEAN MORE here in the SEC.


  8. Charlottedawg

    This one felt like a “typical” Kirby Smart game. Kinda boring and a handful of mistakes and missed opportunities. Then you realize we just beat an sec opponent by 3+ tds like they were a paid cupcake (in their house) and the reason we’re bitching is because there were stretches where the team was just dominating play after play.


    • Russ

      Boring is right. I sure like winning, but this is entertainment first and foremost. Sitting on a 3 TD lead for 3 quarters doesn’t make for compelling viewing.

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    • Anon

      In my view Fromm makes it boring. No urgency. No real spark. Hard to define really but he is a damn boring quarterback. It’s like he is running a scrimmage entire game.


      • Salty Dawg

        May you find another QB that is exciting to you that is on another team.


      • Dawg19

        Let’s see…Fromm has led UGA to an SEC Championship, a Rose Bowl Championship, and two blowout wins each over Florida, Tennessee, and Tech so far (among other big wins).

        I have to tell ya…I hope Fromm gets even more “boring”.

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  9. Ju

    Reference your comment on Jordan Davis and the almost FG block, I was cracking up how excited Jordan was until he turned around and realized it still made it through — he was so dejected. As he was jogging over to the sidelines, who ran out onto the field and gave him a hug first? One Coach Kirby Smart. I thought that was a really cool moment.


  10. Believe Campbell got bailed out on the PI call due to the received being covered up on the LOS (unless I’m thinking of a different play)


    • jrod1229

      It was never a PI call, so nothing to be bailed out from.

      If it were the penalties would be off setting and they would of replayed.


  11. CB

    Still need to figure out who the 300 lb goal line TE wearing #46 was.


  12. “the only thing that really bugged me on the night was how poor the offense looked running the two-minute drill. That was really the first hint to me that the interest level had dropped,” I agree with you. Unfortunately we’ve seen this to often….see the last two games against AL. We get up and get either comfortable or start pressing to will ourselves to another score and start making errors. Either way it is best to coach and play every series the same until the game is totally out of reach. We have not proven to be successful at turning it off and back on.


  13. sniffer

    Observations from Sec A, Row 50 (thanks Matt). Didn’t pick up a program and my phone died so I was reduced to watching without knowing who anyone was. Two observations:

    College kids look 12 these days
    With beer available, I noticed two things. The lines I saw were looong. Some students spent most of the game running back and forth to the beer stands. On that point, the stairs/steps were like 285 at 5:30 on a Friday. So, be forwarded. If the UGAAA decides to bring beer sales to Sanford, a whole new irritation awaits. Be careful what you wish for (alcohol sales). It comes with unintended consequences. Now, get off my lawn…

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  14. Mayor

    Bottom line…It was Georgia’s first game and they won by 24. If there was a little rust so what?


  15. ugafidelis

    The ultra high camera view was terrible. I hope they go away from that.