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Second-year bump got bumped.

Small sample size, I know, but this was another interesting development from Week One:

No doubt some of that can be chalked up to typical opening week sloppiness, but you have to wonder if more than a few fault lines were opened up.  In any event, if the second-year effect is all that (and, for what it’s worth, I do tend to give that credence), that set of results sure didn’t show it.


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If Kirby ain’t worried…

Does this sound like a man who fretted over Saturday night’s win?  Not to these ears.

The telling moment there was his response to the question about the offense flopping on a couple of third-and-shorts.  Instead of complaining, Smart hits the reporter with rushing yardage stats.

That game was a Process coach’s dream — a comfortable win, but with enough mistakes to clean up that the players will listen this week when they’re being chewed out over them.


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Tennessee lacks a motivational stone.

I had mentioned in my initial take on the Tennessee debacle that the Vol offense looked confused, while the defense looked like it mailed in the game.  Here’s a good example of the latter:

That’s what you call the opposite of buying in.


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Dawgnation deals with it.

If Morehead and McGarity are worried about potential fan complaints concerning beer service, should that be introduced in the friendly confines of Sanford Stadium (I know, I know, but work with me here), this scene should eradicate their concern.

If there’s one thing Georgia fans have proven over the last two seasons, it’s that we’ll put up with just about anything in the service of watching Georgia football.


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You gotta love college football, Reason #24125

Where else do you get this, I ask you?


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Is Agent Muschamp’s work done here?

Year 4 of the Boom Era got off to a swimming start, marked by the usual offensive improvement that is a Muschamp staple…

… as well as holding its own against its in state rival.

In case you’re wondering — and you’re hardly alone if you are — Muschamp’s buyout is exactly what you’d expect after Jimmy Sexton spent a little time with an AD who was a former baseball coach.

I’d love to know what program Sexton convinced Tanner was a threat to bid for Boom’s services.  Not that it matters right now, with that buyout…


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SEC Power Poll, Week One


Week One?  It was the best of times.

It was the worst of times.

On to the PP.

    1. Alabama.  You were expecting somebody else here?
    2. Georgia.  Good teams bring their B game on the road against conference opponents and win.  Great teams do that and are never threatened.
    3. LSU.  It was LSU’s opener, so I don’t know if it will turn out to be a mirage, but the Tigers just absolutely ripped Georgia Southern a new one.
    4. Auburn.  You were warned about years when the pundits don’t take Auburn seriously, Oregon.
    5. Florida.  Looking back, it wasn’t pretty, but it was a win over a P5 opponent.
    6. Texas A&M.  I can’t take a solid win over Texas State more seriously than this.
    7. Mississippi State.  The Bulldogs spotted Louisiana-Lafayette seven players and still won by ten.  Stevens looks like he may wind up being a better QB in Moorhead’s offense than Fitzgerald was.
    8. Kentucky.  Ground down and beat a decent MAC team by two touchdowns.  But they are missing last year’s stars.
    9. South Carolina.  Bowl eligibility just got a lot harder.
    10. Missouri.  When you don’t have a postseason to play for, dropping a game in Laramie is a good way to unravel a regular season.
    11. Vanderbilt.  Introducing your typical not good, but a pain in the ass to play Vanderbilt team.
    12. Ole Miss.  That offense looked wretched.  This isn’t going to be a fun team to watch this season.
    13. Arkansas.  Awful against a cupcake, but the Hogs still won.  This week, that’s good enough to keep them out of the cellar.
    14. Tennessee.  It would be blogging malpractice to list any other team in this spot.


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