SEC Power Poll, Week One


Week One?  It was the best of times.

It was the worst of times.

On to the PP.

    1. Alabama.  You were expecting somebody else here?
    2. Georgia.  Good teams bring their B game on the road against conference opponents and win.  Great teams do that and are never threatened.
    3. LSU.  It was LSU’s opener, so I don’t know if it will turn out to be a mirage, but the Tigers just absolutely ripped Georgia Southern a new one.
    4. Auburn.  You were warned about years when the pundits don’t take Auburn seriously, Oregon.
    5. Florida.  Looking back, it wasn’t pretty, but it was a win over a P5 opponent.
    6. Texas A&M.  I can’t take a solid win over Texas State more seriously than this.
    7. Mississippi State.  The Bulldogs spotted Louisiana-Lafayette seven players and still won by ten.  Stevens looks like he may wind up being a better QB in Moorhead’s offense than Fitzgerald was.
    8. Kentucky.  Ground down and beat a decent MAC team by two touchdowns.  But they are missing last year’s stars.
    9. South Carolina.  Bowl eligibility just got a lot harder.
    10. Missouri.  When you don’t have a postseason to play for, dropping a game in Laramie is a good way to unravel a regular season.
    11. Vanderbilt.  Introducing your typical not good, but a pain in the ass to play Vanderbilt team.
    12. Ole Miss.  That offense looked wretched.  This isn’t going to be a fun team to watch this season.
    13. Arkansas.  Awful against a cupcake, but the Hogs still won.  This week, that’s good enough to keep them out of the cellar.
    14. Tennessee.  It would be blogging malpractice to list any other team in this spot.


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14 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week One

  1. Greg

    “Good teams bring their B game on the road against conference opponents and win. Great teams do that and are never threatened”.

    SO!….I take it the Dawgs are a “great” team??

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    • I think that’s exactly what the Senator is saying … although you could make the case, it really was a home game that happened to be in Nashville in our opponent’s stadium.

      The 35k+ of us there made their stadium rock like Sanford before the east end zone was closed.


  2. Agree with the teams at the top and those at the bottom. Some thoughts:
    1) I still think Auburn gets dragged down by its schedule which features every currently ranked SEC team. If Oregon successfully defends that pass, the Gus hot seat rumors start like wildfire.
    2) I think LSU is going 11-1 and nothing on Saturday made me change that.
    3) Texas A&M looks to be the “2nd season bounce” team this year. Fisher is still a scumbag. We’ll find out on Saturday at Auburn with a Lake.
    4) The middle of the conference is a jumble. Those bowl game tie-ins aren’t going to fill themselves.
    5) The hottest seat in the SEC may now be Boom’s. At least, when the Cocks sucked, their people turned out. From the scene in Charlotte, it seems apathy has set in.
    6) For all of those who were buying Missouri (including David Pollack), you didn’t think about how a postseason ban affects the team regardless of talent. Kelly Bryant must not have thought about that either.
    7) Tennessee, Tennessee, Tennessee … good grief, you have officially achieved “Nothing sucks like a big orange” status. Pruitt may not get fired … he may spontaneously explode somewhere around the Bama game. Karma is a bitch, Jeremy.


  3. TXBaller

    1) Something ain’t right in Tuscaloosa
    2) LSU new OC is a difference maker
    3) Auburns defense is the REAL DEAL
    4) TAMU opens a 17 pt dog to Clem for a reason


  4. Uglydawg

    Being week 1 and given the disparagement in level of opposing teams, it’s hard to power rank the conference. I’ll buy the Senator’s thoughts with the exception that I’d drop UF a place or two.


  5. practicaldawg

    This post is perfect



    Tennessee is right where they belong. 26 point favorite and lose terrible.


  7. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I think I might put Vandy over Missouri, but that is a pretty picky quibble.


  8. Russ

    I think I’d put LSU at #2. GSU is an option team and LSU just shut them completely down. Usually a TO will break some runs here or there. Impressive win by them.


  9. jt10mc (the other one)

    For no other reason outside of them getting the “W”…I would have Arkansas ahead of the teams that lost this past weekend.


  10. Macallanlover

    Can’t argue anything seriously at this point but I would have A&M 4th. Also too early, but when I said I thought we might play LSU in Atlanta, it was based on what Joe Brady might do with those offensive skill players LSU has. We will know more on Saturday. Think I would rather play Bama than LSU this year.


  11. California dawg

    Agree mostly, although based purely on week 1 performance, there’s a case to be made that LSU deserves the number 2 spot over us.

    If LSU beats Bama and we beat the tigers in Atlanta, and a 1 loss Bama makes it into the CFP, we only have to play them once which would be nice.