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Cornpone shtick

I was in high school when Swinney was born and yet somehow he comes across like he grew up during the Depression.  I feel like we’re just a presser or two away from hearing how back in the day, he walked four miles to school barefoot.


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Stats that should make you smile

51 D1 schools faced P5 opponents in Week One (and Zero).  Of those 51, Georgia is first in opponent’s plays from scrimmage of 20+ yards, fifth in offensive plays from scrimmage of 10+ yards and second in scoring defense.

I get that it’s Vanderbilt, peeps, but would you be happier if Georgia’d had a poorer showing?


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Fun with small sample size

Now just because computers can’t overreact to Week One results the same way pundits’ and fans’ knees jerk, doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy themselves, too.

Take, for example, how Georgia’s season has been reassessed by ESPN’s FPI.

Georgia’s FPI improved from 22.3 to 23.8, with LSU’s FPI improving from 21.8 to 25.8. Georgia’s remaining strength of schedule dropped from sixth to 14th in the country. Georgia’s chances of winning out, per the FPI, improved from 2.6 percent to 4.8 percent, and the chance of winning the SEC improved from 24.8 percent to 30 percent.

The season’s outlook got better, but the Dawgs slipped in the rankings.  The only conference game where Georgia’s odds of winning decreased is against Kentucky, and that was by the barest of margins.

Meanwhile, Sagarin’s computer hates — and I mean hates — Tennessee.  The Vols dropped down to 77th.  To put that in proper perspective, Sagarin has Georgia Tech at 65th.


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Envy and jealousy, twist the knife once and then twist it again edition

Matt Hinton has long been one of my favorites and he’s really outdone himself with the latest edition of his Monday Down South column, in which he starts by spending a lot of time placing Tennessee’s loss to Georgia State in historical perspective (HINT:  “So while it might not be beyond any shadow of a doubt The Worst Loss Ever, full stop, it is fair to say I can’t recall another nonconference loss by an SEC team that I would describe as worse.”), appears to change the subject by moving to his Conference Notebook section, only to proceed with a detailed breakdown of Tennessee’s numerous… well, breakdowns against Georgia State.

Alignment, recognition, containment, pursuit, tackling: Tennessee filled its “Mental Mistakes Against the Run” Bingo card, and it wasn’t only the underclassmen and first-time starters who were responsible. Presumably it will get better, if only in a regression-to-the-mean sort of way. But the mean in 2018 was below average by SEC standards, and as the strength of schedule steepens just getting back there looks like an uphill climb.

Now that’s how you analyze like a boss.


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Beast mode

Watching a replay of the game, I realized I forgot to mention in my Observations post this memorable moment from Travon Walker, who literally engulfed the Vandy receiver on this play:



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10, 11 & 12

I’ve long said that one of the best things about the internet is that there’s always somebody out there to do the heavy lifting I’m too lazy to do myself, and here’s a good example of that.

Now, that doesn’t take into account down and distance situations, but considering that the Georgia offense only faced seven third down opportunities and one fourth down, there appears to be something worthy of some self-scouting.


UPDATE:  Some additional heavy lifting here.


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“Did you see what those two did? That has to make (Smart) sick.”

Matt Hayes must have been feeling threatened by the spate of this weekend’s stoopid hot takes to join the party with this incisive observation:

There’s no way around it, so we might as well get it out in the open.

If Ohio State gets to the College Football Playoff and Georgia doesn’t, that’s a bad look for Bulldogs coach Kirby Smart.

If Washington gets there, it’s disastrous.

I don’t care about who has the harder road to the CFP, or who plays in the toughest conference (did you watch the SEC East Division in Week 1?). This is all about a decision Smart made – not once, but twice – that will define his time in Athens.

It was easy to ignore the decision to choose one almost 5-star quarterback (Jake Fromm) over two 5-star quarterbacks (Jacob Eason in 2017 and Justin Fields in 2018) when Fromm was the only guy on the field to protect that decision. Now that Fields (Ohio State) and Eason (Washington) are playing at major Power 5 schools since transferring from Georgia because of Smart’s decision to hitch the program to Fromm, the fallout could have far-reaching implications.

Ooh.  The retort to that is so obvious… well, obvious to anyone not named Matt Hayes.

Fields and Eason looked unique. As well as Fromm has played at Georgia, he hasn’t been unique. That’s not an arguable point.

His numbers (55 TDs, 13 INTs) are strong; his numbers in big games are uneven – most notably, 2 losses to Alabama.

He struggled in the National Championship Game in 2017…

As a true freshman, Jake Fromm quarterbacked his team to within a whisker of winning a national championship — and that was after heading up an epic Rose Bowl comeback.  By comparison, showing up FAU and Eastern Washington is supposed to give Kirby Smart heartburn?

C’mon, man.  Would Smart like to have Eason or Fields still on his roster?  One would presume so.  Is he kicking himself for making a bad choice by sticking with Fromm?  Pundit, please.


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