10, 11 & 12

I’ve long said that one of the best things about the internet is that there’s always somebody out there to do the heavy lifting I’m too lazy to do myself, and here’s a good example of that.

Now, that doesn’t take into account down and distance situations, but considering that the Georgia offense only faced seven third down opportunities and one fourth down, there appears to be something worthy of some self-scouting.


UPDATE:  Some additional heavy lifting here.


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8 responses to “10, 11 & 12

  1. Mayor

    Quick! Send this to Kirby!


  2. BuffaloSpringfield

    Ehhhh, I know no one wants to hear this; Not the we will see it in the future but of the “Impose our Will” coaches mindset but for this series to continue to be successful Jake is gonna have to carry the rock a few times just to keep the stacked box Honest.
    I know, no backups cept’ Stenson but there is gonna come a time where I didn’t mean to beg but Jake’s gonna have to. ( Inner Munson )


    • Macallanlover

      I agree with what you are saying but I recall Jake does that in games where he needs to. Saturday wasn’t one of those, imo. I recall against Bama he did it once or twice, and scored against TN early before we blew them out two years ago. Our backup situation has to be factored in, and that isn’t his strong suit anyway. Just enough to make them account for him, and run it when you see they leave it open.

      Hope to get Bennett some game reps the net two weeks, could have the other night had we continued at the pace we started at and attacking with multiple weapons. We threw to the backs, ran a screen, jet sweep, and kept the off balance those early drives, even threw on the goal line (gasp!) then went vanilla. Defense had their back, could have built a lead and gotten SB a couple of drives.


  3. Spread out the field and you keep a defense on its toes. 11 is sorta becoming the new base across the sport. If you’re gonna be in 12 or 21 you better have some big bois at TE/FB (if I recall, we destroyed Oklahoma whenever we ran out of 12 but that was blazevich and nauta leading the way). I like Charlie woerner and Eli but they’re a little smaller in build. Just my 2 cents as to why.


  4. Jack Burton

    How bout the short yardage CONVERSION with Herrien in a single back set in a 3 POINT STANCE! Haven’t seen that in years.


  5. The other Doug

    On short yardage we either need to spread them out or find a FB.


  6. josh hancher

    Thanks for shoutout!

    Go Dawgs!!