“Did you see what those two did? That has to make (Smart) sick.”

Matt Hayes must have been feeling threatened by the spate of this weekend’s stoopid hot takes to join the party with this incisive observation:

There’s no way around it, so we might as well get it out in the open.

If Ohio State gets to the College Football Playoff and Georgia doesn’t, that’s a bad look for Bulldogs coach Kirby Smart.

If Washington gets there, it’s disastrous.

I don’t care about who has the harder road to the CFP, or who plays in the toughest conference (did you watch the SEC East Division in Week 1?). This is all about a decision Smart made – not once, but twice – that will define his time in Athens.

It was easy to ignore the decision to choose one almost 5-star quarterback (Jake Fromm) over two 5-star quarterbacks (Jacob Eason in 2017 and Justin Fields in 2018) when Fromm was the only guy on the field to protect that decision. Now that Fields (Ohio State) and Eason (Washington) are playing at major Power 5 schools since transferring from Georgia because of Smart’s decision to hitch the program to Fromm, the fallout could have far-reaching implications.

Ooh.  The retort to that is so obvious… well, obvious to anyone not named Matt Hayes.

Fields and Eason looked unique. As well as Fromm has played at Georgia, he hasn’t been unique. That’s not an arguable point.

His numbers (55 TDs, 13 INTs) are strong; his numbers in big games are uneven – most notably, 2 losses to Alabama.

He struggled in the National Championship Game in 2017…

As a true freshman, Jake Fromm quarterbacked his team to within a whisker of winning a national championship — and that was after heading up an epic Rose Bowl comeback.  By comparison, showing up FAU and Eastern Washington is supposed to give Kirby Smart heartburn?

C’mon, man.  Would Smart like to have Eason or Fields still on his roster?  One would presume so.  Is he kicking himself for making a bad choice by sticking with Fromm?  Pundit, please.


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  1. “There’s no way around it, so we might as well get it out in the open.” Translates to “be prepared to be dumber after reading the following…”


  2. Biggen

    What happens if Oklahoma makes the playoff but not Alabama?

    I’ll hang up and listen Mr. Hayes.

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  3. dawgfan1995

    I like how this guy Hayes says an unnamed SEC Coach texted him and said that Kirby would be sick seeing those other guys doing well.

    Hmmm….what SEC Coach had time on his hands Saturday or Sunday to text a UF Journalism grad about Georgia football?

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  4. 69Dawg

    Well we might as well get used to this meme it will come up early and often the better they look the more we’re going to hear. Strange you don’t hear that about Hurts performance and Sagan letting him Get away.


  5. David K

    It’s the offense, not Fromm. Fields or Eason would be 15/23 for 150 yards if they were still at UGA. Fromm would go for 300+ if he was at Washington or Ohio State playing Florida Atlantic. Nobody is going to put up monster stats that make them appear “unique” playing at UGA right now. That’s not what Smart wants out of his QB.

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  6. Got Cowdog

    Like you said: It’s Eastern Washington and FAU. While we’re at it, Joe Burrows lit up GS and Kellen Mond looked like a Heisman Candidate against Texas State. Vanderbilt has some talent and a good coach. Let’s wait and see how some of these guys do against real competition before we start dissing Fromm.
    BTW what was that QB for Alabama’s name? Coker? McCarron? Sims? MacElroy? I can’t keep ’em straight, they were all pretty vanilla ……..


  7. ASEF

    It’s been a budding season story line for a couple of weeks, and it’s going to keep growing as all three guys keep winning. Welcome to The Spotlight.


  8. FisheriesDawg

    Fromm was the reason that Georgia was up big on Alabama in the SECCG last year to begin with; he made Tua look pedestrian in that game. Analysis by just looking at a final score is a bad approach.


  9. spottieottie

    From the column:
    “If Georgia doesn’t get there this season, and Fromm leaves for the NFL and Fields and/or Eason become unique, recruiting rivals will use it as a referendum on Georgia’s ability to develop elite quarterbacks.”

    Any coach using Jake Fromm getting drafted in the 1st Round “as a referendum on Georgia’s ability to develop elite quarterbacks” is a bad recruiter.

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  10. Mayor

    The guy is FOS. If Kirby had benched Jake Fromm in favor of Eason or Fields and Fromm had transferred to another school and done well he’d be saying the same stuff only louder. You can’t win with some people. They’ll always come up with some BS. Would he be saying the same sh!t if the refs hadn’t blown the offsides call in the 2017 national championship game and Georgia had won a natty with Fromm at QB? Come on!


  11. I’ll take Jake from State Fromm over Tua, Jalen, Justin and Jacob right now for what Kirby wants him to do … run our offense. Goldilocks may be the only one I would even consider over Jake for what we want to do.


  12. TN Dawg

    I like Fromm, but the idea isn’t entirely without merit.

    I’ve seen many the commenter on this here board reliving CMR’s decision to forego recruitment of Cam Newton or Deshaun Watson with enough fervor.

    The results tend to write the history. Fromm wins a Natty, CKS is a genius to recognize the leadership and intangibles in the frosh that lead UGA to the Holy Land.

    Fromm flames out again and Fields or Eason wins a Natty, the what-ifs tend to creep into the narrative.


    • How ’bout we wait until that actually happens before losing our shit over it?

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      • TN Dawg

        Oh, I agree.

        And I certainly don’t think CKS is “sick” about it. He’s a confident coach that’s laser focused on his team.

        I bet if you asked him he’d say he didn’t even notice what Skinny or Fields did, but that he’s glad they are doing well quickly followed by “We’re focused on Murray State.”


        • dawg88

          You said “Fromm flames out again…” WTF? That nonsense alone invalidates whatever half-ass point you’re trying to make. Fromm’s play was a major reason why Georgia had leads to squander in the first place against Alabama. With regards to Kirby Smart, making difficult personnel decisions when trying to juggle multiple 5-star QBs is not the same thing as failure to recruit them in the first place, which is what CMR and his staff did. Since you apparently don’t understand any of this, it’s clear that you’re more “TN” than “Dawg”.


          • Cojones

            Was waiting to post the same recruiting message which pretty much puts UGA ahead of all college football as the place to go. Circumstances dictate you go somewhere else since you can’t wrestle the field back from Fromme.

            What kind of circuitous pome de rue form of nit-picky criticism is shilly-shallying from outside our walls? I hold to use of profanity the fewest times you can when it is applied to people, but the feeling, it is strong. Asshole Hayes, the smegma of journalism, should use the same analysis for every 5 team and see how it floats (no one can HOLD their QBs since transfer portal flu hit college ball this year, but Georgia did with Fromme.). Our extra help left to fill the void of other teams that lost their first line QB to transfer. Shove those comments up your nose, Buttwipe Hayes.


      • 81Dog

        way to take the fun out of being an alarmist. And a dumbass. 😉


    • MDDawg

      “Fromm flames out again…”

      Has Fromm really “flamed out” in any of our losses while he’s been the QB? Not saying he’s been perfect, but the losses weren’t squarely on his shoulders either.

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      • RandallPinkFloyd

        Took the words out of my mouth. When was Fromm the cause of us not winning against Alabama?

        Also, because there wasn’t a great game on at noon I watched some of the OSU game. Fields looked great at times and he’s a beast when he tucks it and runs, but his receivers were wide open. He still appears to prefer to run it if his first read isn’t wide open and he’s going to get beat up if he continues to put his body out there the way he did Saturday.

        I wish nothing but the best for Eason. Hope the kid lights it up and he’s a first round pick next year. UW is UW and will probably not make the playoff and either way, we made the right decision for us.. as did Eason.


    • D.N. Nation

      “Fromm flames out again”

      Fromm was fine enough against Bama as a true freshman, and tomahawk dunked all over Tua as a sophomore.

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    • TN Dawg

      Sorry, but we’ve fallen apart offensively in the 4th quarter of both ‘Bama games with the game hanging in the balance.

      Is that all on Fromm? No.

      Is some of that on Fromm? Yes.

      I like Fromm. He’s an excellent quarterback, one of the best in program history. I hope we name streets after him and that half the male kids in Georgia are named Jake after his success for a decade or so after he brings home the Natty.

      But yes, he did fizzle out in the 4th quarter of those games.


      • W Cobb Dawg

        Jake was a true freshman and sophmore. If you’re blaming anyone for the offense “falling apart” or “fizzling out” that should fall on the OC and coaching staff.

        Oh forget it. Having a conversation with you is like a Martian talking to a Fungo.


  13. Ray

    It is what it is and there is no reason to look back
    Some credit needs to go to CKS and even CMR for being able to recruit so well to offer the opportunity to allow a choice between so many talented players


  14. David H.

    I guarantee you that Kirby’s not worried about Justin and Jacob, he’s busy worrying about the players who play for Georgia. If anything, he’s happy for them when they have success at their new schools, and Georgia fans should wish them well (without saying you have to be Buckeye or Huskie fans). It would be great to have them on our team, but they quite sensibly made the moves they felt were best for their careers. Jacob and Justin both gave the best efforts they could when they were Georgia players, and God bless them.

    I’m glad we have Fromm, and I’m happy to root for the QBs on our roster without denigrating or rooting against any former players.


  15. What a bad, lazy take.
    Fields had success, but he had success without having to play the QB position. He ran the ball well on designed runs, handed it off good af, and he threw some passes to wide open receivers, but he didn’t have to fit balls into tight windows and he didn’t have to make quick decisions. The few times FAU covered guys and made Fields look to a second or third option, he reverted to his “panic and run in circles” mode. That didn’t even work against FAU, so do you really think that will work against defenses that are capable of covering and pressuring at the same time like Michigan State or Michigan… much less a playoff game versus an Alabama or Clemson? Ryan Day may be considered a QB whisperer of sorts… maybe a poor man’s Lincoln Riley, but with Haskins getting beat out in Washington by a journeyman like Case Keenum, and no other Ohio State QB of note doing anything on the next level, and Justin looking no different fundamentally than he did last year, I think that characterization is a bit premature. Ohio State may make the playoff, but it won’t be because of Ryan Day and it won’t be because of Justin Fields. It will be because Ohio State is much, much more talented than everyone else in the Big Ten.
    Eason is a big-armed, pro-style QB that has all the tools to be a first round QB. He needed development and playing time, and he is now getting both. He wouldn’t have gotten the playing time at UGA, so he moved on. I hope he succeeds.
    If UGA doesn’t make the playoff this year, it won’t be because Fromm isn’t as good as Eason or Fields.


    • Jack Klompus

      Thank you. Anyone that had discriminating eyes on the OSU game saw exactly what you saw. What will happen when a team actually disguises a blitz? And I was thinking the same thing when they were going nuts over Ryan Day.

      Wait for UM, MSU or PSU (or at least one of those games) before we make him the next great OSU QB. I walked away thinking he’ll be another in a long-line of OSU QBs turned WR in the NFL.

      I have no opinion on Eason’s performance. Didn’t see it. Hope he does great, but I don’t see Washington being good enough to win out and I’m thinking the P-12 needs their wiener to win out.

      The constant hype about EVERYTHING is exhausting. CFB lilves in a world of hyperbole.


  16. D.N. Nation

    “If Washington gets there, it’s disastrous.”

    Washington’s schedule is Charmin-soft. USC or Stanford will be the best team they play in the regular season; USC’s now without their QB and is coached by Dead Coach Walking, Stanford looks to average 4 points a game this season.

    I think it’ll be rad if Eason can play for a winner, but Washington ain’t playing Bama, or Auburn, or A&M, or Florida.


  17. Bulldog Joe

    Florida Atlantic and Eastern Washington at home. Dude…


  18. Macallanlover

    Legendary myopic vision by this ridiculous tool. We aren’t guessing with Eason, we had one full year to see him play “at that point in his career”. A corresponding one game view, didn’t Fromm out duel Heisman winner Baker in the Rose Bowl? Didn’t Fromm out perform Heisman leader Tua in the SCCG? Didn’t Fromm out perform Hurts in the MNC game? Those are on the field looks, every bit as shallow as his, except more relative to the discussion.

    We will see with Fields, safe to say that FAU defense was more comparable to what he saw in HS than what he might face in 3 years at UGA as Fromm has shot down. I am certain he will do well against an-osu schedule. Kirby won’t be jumping off ledges over that, but someone might push hayes off one if he drives this bus all season.


  19. Doug

    There are freshman sportswriters at The Red & Black whose takes are more thoughtful and less knee-jerky than Hayes’. And he’s been at this literally for decades.


  20. This “SEC coach” who texted him is so obviously Mullen that it’s pretty sad that he didn’t just come out and name him.

    No one with 2 ounces of brains is confused about who it was.

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  21. HiAltDawg

    Justin Eason, Jacob Fields, and Galen Hurts all produced stat lines last Saturday that proved they are capable, backup QBs in the SEC. Theyball rode the bench and the second they dropped down to some of the lower division teams they all started looking like Trevor Lawrence minus the glorious hair.



    Chaney is the one who fizzled out In the fourth qtr. against Bama. That is the only time I have ever smiled when someone mentioned Tenn. All I have to say is, thank you!!!


  23. MGW

    “That’s not an arguable point.”

    If you say so.

    I mean all he did was beat out an established 5* with a cannon arm for a starting spot, win the SEC, outduel the heisman winner in a Rose Bowl, and take his team to within a gnat’s pecker of a National Championship over Bama. As a freshman. Well, dang I was getting ready to defend Fromm but really, after typing all that out, I do see how truly unremarkable it is. Far from unique. Sorry I brought it up.


  24. spur21

    Who is Matt Hayes and why should I give a shit what he thinks or types.


  25. D.N. Nation

    Boy this aged well!


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