Just say no.

This, I swear, is the SEC equivalent of a unicorn sighting.

Joe Alleva and others are here to set the record straight about Fisher. In 2016, Alleva had one phone call with Fisher’s agent, Jimmy Sexton, early in the search process. They never spoke again. In the end, he was not a serious candidate, partly because of his price tag: $7.5 million a year over seven years, committee members say. New Orleans businessman Stephen Perry, a board member who served on that search committee, describes a “fateful moment” during the search when decision-makers agreed not to pursue Fisher. “We loved Jimbo and thought he was a great guy, but we felt like the program at Florida State was in a downward spiral. And what the agent was asking for…” Perry says trailing off.

A football program turned down Jimmy Sexton’s demands for a coach it wanted?  Miz Scarlett, ah feel faint.

We may never see a story like that again in our lifetimes.


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8 responses to “Just say no.

  1. Ben

    I’d be fine if he leaves A&M in the heap he left FSU.

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  2. Gaskilldawg

    Interesting that Alleva recognized in 2016 that Fisher had FSU in a downward spiral. I have read that the administration at FSU recognizes that Fisher left such a mess for Taggert that it will take a few years to rebuild.


  3. Mick Jagger

    IMHO, JImbo is the most overrated coach in CFB.


  4. Mayor

    Well it had to happen sooner or later. Someone had to say “That’s too much money” to Sexton. And it’s not like LSU isn’t doing Ok with the direction it took.


  5. It really can’t be overstated how bad of a mess Jimbo left FSU in.

    A&M paying that man that kind of money is just asinine.

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  6. WarD Eagle

    Willie Taggert is a terrible coach and making it look worse.
    It is a mess.
    I too hope Jimbo leaves A&M a wreck
    I never thought Oregon could coach. Enjoying his success, even at Auburn’s expense.