“Man y’all can’t tell me this ain’t funny.”

Tennessee player tweets this a couple of days ago and finds he’s no longer on the team as of today.

Yeah, now that I think about it, that is funny.


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23 responses to ““Man y’all can’t tell me this ain’t funny.”

  1. Got Cowdog

    Yep. That’s funny.


  2. Otto

    It is funny and it is a failure of Pruitt to have a kid tweet that. Pruitt putting himself in a position where the kid has to leave the team to begin to change the team’s attitude.

    I don’t remember if it was posted here but it was amazing how UT didn’t take the game seriously and was trotting or jogging after a defender made 1st contact. GSU was getting yards after contact which could have been limited if UT had played to the whistle.


    • Doug

      I can understand a coach not being able to get his team up for a lesser opponent in a game that’s supposed to be a walkover. I mean, even Bama looked pretty sleepy the first quarter and change against Duke.

      But if you’ve just had to kick a last-second field goal to avoid going into halftime tied with that supposed walkover opponent, your halftime speech had better be a barn-burner. How a fire-breather like Pruitt couldn’t make the kind of halftime adjustments to put Georgia State away simply baffles me.


      • dawgtired

        I would totally understand ‘mailing it in’ against a cupcake, if your team had proven itself through several games against good opponents…but this was there FIRST game after a losing season and a rough offseason. There has to be some kids that want to make a name for themselves. Something is wrong within the program if players are apathetic before they even see the field.


        • Otto

          It is one thing to start slow but….

          They were still mailing it in at the end of the game. At some point pride kicks in when you realize you’re getting beat by a Sun Belt team but it didn’t with UT and from the looks of it he didn’t care after the game.

          Agreed with Pruitt kick him off the team but if you’re at this point it is a major clue the kids aren’t buying in.


          • Cojones

            They seemed to catch on at the end of the game and scored with 2 secs left, else it would have been a 15 pt loss. Too late they mounted a drive and scored.

            Since that “bad something” hasn’t surfaced, I seem to think it is really bad and not just a few hurt fee-fees. There has been no discussion with media and the team having a meeting this early in the season looks like they will keep it under wraps. Maybe the two guys leaving could give us a clue?


        • Otto

          Just to be clear we hear GSU wore down UT. I don’t think GSU wore down UT, UT never gave a crap. Jogging and trotting from beginning to end.


  3. This can happen when a player is recruited by a coach that gets fired and the new coach threatens to replace all of the current players with his players. Four offensive coordinators in four years doesn’t help morale either… especially for guys that aren’t getting meaningful snaps on a shitty team.

    The problem with a coaching change when you have rosters as thin as Tennessee’s or Florida’s is that the new coach wants old players to stay around to be tackling dummies, and not necessarily be a contributor in the new system. The players are disinterested, but the coaches have a self-interest in keeping riff raff around to have enough bodies. Pruitt needed to clean house last year, but he couldn’t afford to. He obviously wasn’t able to get the leadership to buy in either. It’s almost like he wasn’t ready to be a head coach in the SEC.

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    • Admiral Sackbar

      I’m sure he would have been fine if he took a job at a more stable program, but this is Tennessee. Fulmer might think Tennessee can hang with anyone in cfb right away (his words, not mine) but that whole program needs an extended stay in rehab. If this is the culture of the team then they’re going to have to wait until all these guys are graduated and in the meantime focus on recruiting kids who buy into their leadership. Does Pruitt (or Fulmer) have the patience to deal with that harsh reality?


    • PDawg30577

      Your explanation makes as much or more sense as anything else I’ve heard anyone put forth yet, cpa. Sure makes a lot more sense than the shit that’s STILL flying fast and furious at Volnation.


  4. Texas Dawg

    I know people were joking about Smokey putting his name in the transfer portal, but the way things are going, he may be the only one left in Knoxville by the time the season is over. (and that’s only because his paws won’t fit in the keys on the keyboard)


    • Down Island Way

      Smokey is smarter than the average big urnge fan…ut 1st game of the year loss is not funny in the least, the players didn’t think it was a funny loss, coaches and staff didn’t think it was a comical loss…last but not least those poor fans sat through that game …not laughing one bit, all you commenters should be ashamed….But whut was hilarious, is the $izeable check the vi$iter$ took to the bank, i thought ut’s loss on their home field was pretty damn entertaining….don’t care what anybody says


      • Salty Dawg

        Nope, sorry DIW, it was hysterical and I loved every minute of it! I hooted and howled and continue to do so. HA. HA. vowels! I hope there is more to come the vowels way and I don’t think I will be disappointed!


  5. practicaldawg

    Appropriate considering the university ceded control of its athletic department to Twitter 2 years ago.


  6. Nashville West

    Serious question, if this guy was dismissed (or asked to leave) is he eligible to play at another school without waiting a year. If he is he may be a freakin’ genius for getting out of the big orange dumpster fire.


  7. gastr1

    Thinking down the road a bit. What would I like to come of this? UT going 1-11 or something? UT giving up 50 to MIssouri yet again? Defections from half the team after the last game?

    I know. They mail it in so hard and look no better such that Phat Phil has to get rid of Pruitt about mid-season. And then he swoops in to coach ’em up the rest of the year, of course. But they still get crushed by everyone…except maybe they rise up and beat the Barn at the last second to go 2-10 or something.

    Yeah. That would be fun.


  8. Brandon

    There are some awfully tight sphincters in Knoxvegas right now.


  9. Mick Jagger

    I really hate to bring up us mailing in the Sugar Bowl


  10. Milledge Hall

    Down Island Way,
    Not only did the hillbillies have to pay GA State, they paid UGA for Cheney’s buyout, and paid an above-market rate salary for Cheney.
    That one loss cost the bastards well over one million dollars.
    One cannot put a dollar amount on the absolute and complete destruction in moral and confidence this loss sustained to those in urnge nation.
    It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


  11. ASEF

    Fulmer is one more bad loss away from his dream. Almost there.


  12. Cojones

    Not so fast. This is the type “adversity” most like to overcome – falling on your doofus in front of a home crowd that now have permanent frowns for the season. But the old “pull together” that we all have, and that Tenn still retains, can be the nexus needed to dig out of this hole and I think they will. Until then, I’m going to enjoy this early season comedy of errors that will eventually settle into gallows humor.