Nasty, nasty

Cade Mays, ladies and gentlemen, scrimmaging against Vanderbilt:

The only thing I can’t figure out about that play is why Fromm rushed the pass.  He had all day long to throw there.


UPDATE:  Mays can do more than simply overpower the man in front of him.  Check out how he gets in front on this wide receiver screen.

Boy can move a little.


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19 responses to “Nasty, nasty

  1. James Stephenson

    I do not feel like he rushed the pass. The play was there, just the D-lineman tipped it.


    • You telling me he didn’t have time to wait for a receiver to come more open than that?


      • Anon

        Very generous calling that receiver open. If he catches..he’s tackled immediately.


        • Greg

          Hard to tell anything on that play….1). Down and distance for one thing, not sure what it was. 2) Don’t know who was open if any or what the play call was.

          I thought Fromm had a solid game overall.


      • Got Cowdog

        Looks like he had time to eat a sandwich an call his Mom. Vandy’s #55 certainly would have been fine with that.


      • Anonymous

        The play is most likely not designed for him to wait for a receiver to become more open. The shallow cross was his 2nd read. He bails on the first immediate due to the positioning of the safety. If the ball isn’t tipped, that is an easy 7-8 yards assuming the defender makes the tackle. I think James is right. It wasn’t rushed; the stunting lineman just got his hand up.


    • Greg

      same here….


  2. Got Cowdog

    This does my heart good.


  3. Salty Dawg

    Yeah, I wouldn’t say he had a whole lot of time. He had good protection and wasn’t pressured, but I wouldn’t say he had all day or anything. I like what I saw Saturday night, though (except the penalties).


    • Macallanlover

      Penalties were almost all on the defense (1 holding call against offense, that I remember), but that was enough to concern me. Hands to the head/helmet area has been a bloated number ever since KS came. The occasional accidental call wouldn’t bother me but we get far too many of these. Penalties were Vandy’s best offense Saturday, thought the offense was pretty clean, especially for an opener.


      • Brandon M

        Offense had about 4 holding calls and most of them were complete bullshit as Vandy’s linemen were literally spinning our rushers around in circles with no call. Baffling to say the least.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    We always seem to have a couple of redheads with a nice mean streak.


  5. HiAltDawg

    Get this man his WingStop!!!

    p.s. dude was in a class of mine and I can confirm he loves ragdolling D Linemen more than the Fortnight, lol


  6. Warner Robins Dawg

    D-lineman #90 tipped it


  7. Bulldog Joe

    Can he play Center?


  8. Derek

    All of those guys can move pretty good in space.

    Those big boys taking out folks at the second level is going to be fun to watch all year long.

    We will be everyone’s least favorite team to play this season. We’re bringing the pain.

    I just wish we could get enough offensive snaps to know that we won’t really face any defense whatsoever in the fourth quarter. Just 11 tired and afraid souls wishing for the clock to expire.


  9. Tony Barnfart

    Tells you something about your depth and talent when maybe your second most decorated lineman isn’t even (technically) a starter. Mays is the NFL’s wet dream, only a true sophomore and can play all 5 positions reliably.


  10. Jack Klompus

    Wilson’s reaction is priceless.