Adapt and survive

A couple of quick notes about the California legislation giving Mark Emmert heartburn:

The legislature may not be listening to the NCAA bitch, but it’s clearly hearing from state schools about potential issues and making an attempt to address their concerns.  To me, that’s a sign the schools have recognized the inevitable and are looking for ways to accommodate.  You know, the kind of thing the NCAA should be doing if it weren’t the NCAA.



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  1. California is calling for the Olympic model. This seems to be very reasonable to me.

    The question is whether the law can keep the NCAA from enforcing its regulations regarding amateurism against California member schools. My bet is that the NCAA will go hard after the first school who dares to allow a student-athlete to be paid for NLI openly as a test case.


    • Well, keep in mind the law, if passed, doesn’t go into effect until 2023. There’s plenty of time to work things out, assuming the NCAA retreats from its usual maximalist position.

      The real tell between now and then is how the Pac-12 responds. The NCAA may find itself trying to lash more than just a school.


      • 2023 is a long way away, but the NCAA seems to think this is the hill they are willing to die on to protect student-athletes from buying tats, weed, kicks, XBoxes, beer & swag.

        I still think it’s going to take the threat of a Jeffrey Kessler style of legal beatdown to move the NCAA beyond the TCoA scholarship.

        I wonder if Stacey Osburn has any comment.


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    The next step would be the players would hire agents, then the agents would be telling the players what to do, and you will see the demise of college athletics. The agents are only interested in how much quid they can make in the shortest amount of time and that is their sole interest.