Great minds think alike.

From Junior to Bianchi:

We sometimes chuckle and roll our eyes at some of the outlandish statements that come from the mouth of FAU coach Lane Kiffin, but in this case, the Lane Train is absolutely correct when he says UCF belongs in the SEC.

Actually, after watching some SEC teams embarrass themselves in Week 1 of the college football season, UCF probably belongs at the top of the SEC — just below Alabama and Georgia and right there with Florida, Auburn and LSU.

During a teleconference with reporters earlier this week, Kiffin talked about this week’s game against UCF and playing the Knights last season when they handed the Owls a 56-36 loss. Before last year’s game, Kiffin recalled an on-field conversation he had with UCF coach Josh Heupel.

“I remember talking to Coach [Heupel] and I was like, ‘You guys look like an SEC team over there,’” remembered Kiffin…

One day, Gus Malzahn needs to pay, and pay dearly, for the sin of having Auburn not show up for a bowl game.


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25 responses to “Great minds think alike.

  1. I don’t see that happening as long as White is at Central Florida. He has managed to be a real A$$, so I can’t imagine the conference even considering it. Add to it, that UF would likely move to block this in the first place. I think the better play is FSU over to the SEC, along with Clemson, and Notre Dame and Central Florida to the ACC.


  2. Hobnail_Boot

    To be fair, Georgia also lost to UCF in a bowl game.

    Glass houses, and all.


    • Dammit. My selective memory was working just fine until you introduced your “facts.”


      • Paul

        rabe76 we now live in a time when you can simply label your selective memory alternative facts. No problem. Heck, apparently you can change the course of a hurricane with a sharpie. Good times!

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    • stoopnagle

      I blame Aaron Murray’s glove.


    • MurphDawg

      After sitting through that garbage game (and the monsoon immediately after), it is forever etched in my memory. Glass houses indeed.


    • Bulldog1

      UCF beat UGA IN 2010, the only losing season for UGA since 1996 and only 3rd losing season since 1963 in any season not coached by Ray Goff. I hardly think that qualifies UCF for inclusion in SEC or any other conference.


  3. Derek

    Was there ever any doubt auburn would let us down?

    I didn’t have one.


  4. TimberRidgeDawg

    Bianchi is trolling Florida


  5. Spike

    Yea, thanks Gus..


  6. 81Dog

    UCF adds zero to the SEC tv package, so forget that pipe dream. They aren’t going to divide the same size pie with a couple more pie eaters like UCF. Maybe if they were in Virginia, or Chicago, but Orlando? The SEC already owns that, boys.

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    • Tony Barnfart

      I agree for the most part, particularly UCF in general. With cord cutting and changing content delivery, my understanding is that geography is less and less relevant (i.e. Mizzou is lucky and got in just in time).

      Not sure anybody is confident in what this means other than the future may mean “realignment” instead of expansion. Could that mean a juggernaut like Clemson becomes a feasible add-on where they were once the poster child of “no way, we already own that state.” (whether it would be smart for them to leave the soft-acc is another debate entirely)


  7. practicaldawg

    UCF is constantly trolling UF in subtle ways, and it’s glorious

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  8. Cojones

    We, of the laydown in Texas, should not be in this conversation. We are no better than that Auburn team and should start owning what happened to us.

    The hype of Tenn and other teams of the SEC who lost this past weekend doesn’t stand against the hype of a wannabe team that produced like UCF did and has. Hell, even FAU can beat FU this year.


  9. UCF squandered an opportunity to become one of this country’s darlings. We all live a good ole American underdog story. Instead, they claimed a prize that does not belong to them and are generally reviled by all. Danny White is the biggest idiot on the planet.


    • Derek

      Some might argue that being reviled by one’s enemies is a net plus in terms of achieving an unflinching, unwavering, irrational loyalty from the audience that ultimately matters to your own bottom line.


      • I agree he has the UCF faithful’s undivided attention, but he could have also picked up a lot of fans outside of Orlando had he done it differently. Nobody is going to start wearing their licensed gear and rooting for them now because they have become a national joke. He walled of his program.


  10. McNease

    F$#% Auburn. It was hilarious at the Rose Bowl when someone in the crowd filing in before the game yelled “They lost! UCF beat Auburn!” and then everyone roared.

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  11. Bulldog1

    Oh yeah lets put every flash in the pan program in the SEC. USF was Top 10 in 00s, why not? Georgia State? Cmon down!. Memphis has had a few good years so for sure they should be in SEC. Tulane went undefeated one year so that automatically qualifies them for SEC, right? Ga Southern? Of course.

    UCF fans should start believing in Santa Claus before believing UCF would EVER be in SEC. Maybe they get in ACC one day at best.