Just like they drew it up in the locker room

I see the college football gods are already at it this season.


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8 responses to “Just like they drew it up in the locker room

  1. 3rdandGrantham

    That play by play guy, while clearly minor league, destroys Scott Howard. Can we possibly pick him up?


  2. Dawg in Alabama

    That block at the end!!!


  3. gastr1

    Poor #11 was one of the ones who ran all the way to the goal line when the dude was trapped, ran all the way back the other way to be the last one to have a chance at him…and got planted by a crushing block at the end there. That’s what you get for not staying in your lane, I guess.


  4. kfoge

    What I liked most was when he was running down the sidelines, his blockers stayed to the side and blocked “backwards” when an opponent got close. It drives me nuts when I see teammates running in front of the ball carrier on these returns and he gets tackled from behind. Kudos to the blockers at the end.


    • Salty Dawg

      I will co-sign on this, kfoge. You are correct, I think, about the running backwards. Players need to be to the ball carrier’s side, and behind, with their heads on swivels. These guys did their jobs really well.


  5. rex

    Nice block by 21