Remember, it’s what’s on the front of the jersey that sells.

Murray State head football coach Mitch Stewart shares a recruiting tip:

Murray State became one of the darlings of last year’s college basketball season. The team was led by Ja Morant, a consensus first-team All-American and the eventual #2 overall pick in this June’s NBA Draft. I asked Coach Stewart if that publicity has had any impact on the football program, and what it’s like recruiting at Murray State in general… “It definitely helped us from a recruiting standpoint. Automatically kids recognize our logo. We have a yellow ‘M’ on our shirts when we walk into a school so a kid gets really excited because he thinks he’s talking to University of Michigan at first. But then we say no, we’re Murray State and the kid goes ‘Oh, Ja Morant!’ And boom we have something to talk about. Ja Morant awarded us $317 million in free advertising.”

“Sometimes we’re talking to a kid and his buddy is a FBS guy but because he knows Ja or is a fan we get to build a relationship…”

I hope Morant at least got a thank you for that.  Not that you can spend thank yous…


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  1. Cojones



  2. chopdawg

    How does Coach come up with that $317 million figure?


  3. Cojones

    Matthew Boling is already an example of that. His name will be used extensively for his feats at Track and also as a ringer for footraces that enhance our fun image in sports.


  4. BuffaloSpringfield

    Ehhhh, not just what’s in recruiting budgets. Wonder the $ spent crootin’ Zach Evans…. was supposed to have word of commitment soon but instead got into it with team mates cussed out the coach and quit the team North Shore coach stated we love Zach and he is still apart of our team after winning last nights game. He also stated that Evans will be suspended for next week’s game, that is if he is still with the team.
    One comment was its good to see the coach put his foot down, no father figure in home, disappointment in discipline.
    Where have we seen issues like this before ? Yet another reason to look at running backs out of Georgia. I love me some Sony and Andre but all that glitters is not gold. We at some point and time will face these Georgia backs as we have in the past at Tennessee, the Barn and Clem and his Son.
    Sometimes it’s whats on the inside of the jersey that becomes a problem. Ask Brendon at UofF.


  5. Normaltown Mike

    So playing for Murray State didn’t help Ja elevate his game from an un-recruited guard to the #2 NBA pick?


    • Y’all keep throwing this line out there like it’s a winning argument that settles the matter. How much more than his scholly, room and board do you think Morant would have earned last year in the absence of the NCAA’s amateurism protocol?

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      • jhorne2000

        Very likely a good bit more , but he is the rare recruit. Just because Murray st hit on a big winner doesn’t mean Morant got an unfair shake.

        Generally , college athletes get an unbelievably great deal. I don’t think the whole system of amateurism should be thrown out for the tiny percentage that reach the heights Morant did last year.

        In the end, those guys are compensated for their achievement – and so what if a little spoils go to the University that invested in them.


      • Normaltown Mike

        He was eligible to play in the NBA last year so how is that relevant?

        Or maybe we should assume that after his freshman year making the much coveted All Ohio Valley Conference Team, he would’ve renegotiated with Murray State for a fat raise.


        • Terrific deflection. I’m talking his about getting paid for his NL&I.


          • Normaltown Mike

            wasn’t deflecting, it wasn’t clear in your post. I’m in favor of profiting off NLI.

            And would this NLI cash money come to him after he took his team to the dance? Like in April when he signed with Nike?

            Or would he have gotten an awesome deal from Nike coming out of HS as an unrated and unknown PG?



          • Down Island Way

            If possible, shed more light to your all student athletes should get paid when signing a NL&I….hoops has proven beyond a shadow that playa’s are getting paidish/compensated prior to the NL&I, football to some extent…IMG enters the conversation…many east & west coast facilities specialize in soccer, golf, lacross, hockey… baseball to a lesser degree in hopes of the early payday…once again Senator, i hope you don’t believe that compensation doesn’t exist on a week to week basis, in one form or another….ncaa don’t like compensation in form of a check, but ca$h and a hand$hake i$ gooooood


  6. jhorne2000

    Does Murray State’s good fortune mean Ja Morant got a bad deal ?


  7. BuffaloSpringfield

    ETDF and jtpo3, not saying a Georgia boys don’t have issues. If you dig deep enough into Lithonia history there were issues there as well. Just saying spending 3 million crutin’, your gonna miss on some that’s beyond control but looks up the statistics on California football and numbering dropping. Texas has almost twice the kids but folks are moving to Texas from California cause of the taxes and deep state of crap it’s in.
    My only point was that sometimes the goose that lays the golden egg might be in Cedar Town, where let’s say that as the SEC slogan does “Just Means More” to play in Athens than it does at the Esso Station with a lake. I know there is no way to keep all the boys home. There is too many but just like Eason perhaps if he were from instate he might be more inclined to stick it out and prove his metal. Rather than be so quick to judgement. Read Georgia high school sports today a kid from ? In Georgia played every position for his high school and the coaches moved him to QB he has one of the highest records in Georgia High School football as a QB, had a bunch of D2 offers. He decided he just want to work with his brothers in a landscaping business. Coaches begged him to go take a scholly but he said Coach I played for my community, my town but I hate school, maybe he’s the only true simple life is better. Not trophies, TV or video announcement of college decisions. Maybe being sincere to yourself and not making a ass out of yourself, school on social media and internet and Police blogs just means more.


  8. BuffaloSpringfield

    Chandler Byron of Monroe is the young man I am speaking of. Quite the QB and man ……….