That… isn’t how it’s supposed to work.

Ah, yes, here’s the Nick Saban I dislike.

Alabama football:  it’s not entertainment; it’s an obligation!

By the way, ‘Bama is close to a sixty-point favorite this week, with temperatures in the mid-90s.  Good luck with those expectations, Nick.


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  1. RaleighDawg86

    He is a bit of an enigma. Seems to waffle between a “Get out of my stands with your hole-ey and torn blue jeans!” and “Stay and give me 60!”.
    Hey Nicky, play an Alabama 70s schedule and then talk.


  2. What’s he going to do? Process the season ticket holders that decide they’ve seen enough of a baby seal clubbing and leave at halftime? Send the student judiciary after students who leave in the 2nd quarter?

    Have the powers that be thought about the number of TV timeouts for games like this drive the people away?


  3. Control freak’s gotta control freak ya’ll


  4. Macallanlover

    I rarely disagree with any positions I see Saban take, he is outstanding in so many ways, but this is over the top. First time he went down this road and positioned it around the players who rarely got to play performing for empty seats, it was understandable. Going back down that road, especially in a game like this (and one he has no chance of changing the behavior of fans) is a poor choice of timing for him to make. To his credit, he is still the only SEC coach I can recall to advocate for 9 conference games.

    September in Tuscaloosa in a game where the line is 55+ points, they should check the mental status of those who remain after halftime. The early October UGA/Tide game in 2002 there was the hottest I have ever been at a CFB game, that was a really good SEC match up and it was difficult for me to make it to the end. All the free BBQ and beer they could bring me wouldn’t get me into that stadium this weekend, even if I were a Tide fan. He picked an unwinnable fight this time.


  5. tbia

    So when I am up big, can I bring in my replacement fan to watch the 4th quarter? Or is Greg gonna want another $55?


  6. TXBaller

    OTP will kick your ass for leaving early!!


  7. FarmerDawg

    1st team fans to watch the 3rd team offense?

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  8. Argondawg

    Well a f’ing college football game takes 4 hours to play these days. I figure they can get there half way through the first quarter and then leave half way through the second quarter and they will have given him a full 60 minutes. New Mexico State deserves to be watched or something, I remember how brutal the early games (Aug-Sept) were when I started taking my school age kids

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  9. Cojones

    You have to have a strong constitution to endure seal clubbing at high temperatures. Nick needs to promote a tour of a local slaughter house before game time. That first thud to the cow’s head with the air gun should be enough to hold’em through to halftime before they throw up.


  10. TSlick

    To me this is a show for the players, so they know he is sticking up for them.


  11. JCDawg83

    Go to 9 conference games or drop back to 11 regular season games and get rid of one of the cupcake games. I generally agree with Saban but this is foolish.


  12. Classic City Canine

    Nick, you’re a glorified and overpaid PE coach. Get over yourself. Football is entertainment not life itself.

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  13. Nashville West

    They’d all stay if Nick had a raffle at the end and the winner had to be present. Since they’re bama fans a case of Bud and a couple of bags of pork rinds oughta do the trick.

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