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Random game day thoughts

Leaving for Athens in a few, and I’m in a bullet point mood, y’all.

  • On the home front, it’s a name your score day.  If Bennett isn’t playing in the third quarter, we’ll know something’s gone horribly, horribly wrong.  Lots of fresh faces and hopefully no serious injuries.
  • Will Tennessee bounce back against BYU?  Probably, but I’m saying there’s a chance…
  • Georgia Tech is playing a rematch in the friendly confines of BDS against a terrible USF team.  Can Geoff do what the genius couldn’t?
  • I hope Vandy shows us something against Purdue.  Either way, it’ll be something to gauge the opening week win against.
  • I think Dabo and his staff know exactly how much hay they need to make against TAMU today.
  • Here’s hoping LSU lays into Texas tonight, if only to shut down the “Texas is back” talk that’s Georgia’s fault.
  • My candidate for ugly game of the day is Arkansas-Ole Miss.
  • It’ll be interesting to see how Eason and Fields do against better defenses today.

Feel free to add your own thoughts and observations in the comments section.  See you on the other side after the first game played on Dooley Field wraps up.



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Blinded by the light

I guess we’ll be in store for this as soon as the sun sets tonight.

That’s as good a way to distract us from the concessions/bathrooms situation as any.


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When you’ve lost Boise State…

I guess nobody’s fans are eating those cupcakes like they used to.


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In a way this story doesn’t surprise me.

“Richt remembers making an unusual move in a game against Colorado in 2006, Stafford’s freshman season. Stafford’s accuracy wasn’t the problem; it was that his passes were thrown so hard his receivers couldn’t catch them, so Richt took him out. ‘It is the only time I ever took a quarterback out of a game because they couldn’t catch his ball. He was throwing them well, and they were doinking off everyone,’ Richt says. ‘The more frustrated he got, the harder he threw, and it wasn’t on purpose. The ball is just coming out so hot. It was a real learning curve for receivers. We had to bring in (backup quarterback) Joe Cox just so they could catch the ball. That lasted about a week.’

I don’t remember Staff being that accurate before Cox took over, but I do remember how that game finished.

So Stafford took a little mustard off his pitch the next week?  I thought it was more a case that Cox couldn’t maintain the level he finished the Colorado game at.


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TFW there’s a thin line between parody and reality

This is brilliant.  That is all.



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