Blinded by the light

I guess we’ll be in store for this as soon as the sun sets tonight.

That’s as good a way to distract us from the concessions/bathrooms situation as any.


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17 responses to “Blinded by the light

  1. Greg

    a little bling….like it! That outta get some recruits attention along with the new 80 million dollar project. They better get on the bs before they miss it..


    • MGW

      God I bet athletic departments are such easy marks for salesmen right now. Way too much money and they’ll believe anything if you tell them.

      “You know why attendance is down right? It’s cause you don’t have a (draws random bad idea out of a hat)… huge water slide in the end zone.”

      “Brilliant. Name your price.”


      • gastr1

        Exactly what I was thinking. Spending [how much] jack on this??

        This is the kind of shit that makes the rest of the university irritated with athletics.

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    • Greg

      get on the bus (not bs)


  2. mwo

    Maybe they will play Roxanne when the lights come on.

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  3. Brought to you by Georgia Power, of course.


  4. Anonymous

    Regular fans can have new bathrooms when you animals learn to piss in the toilet instead of on the floor, on the walls, on the sides of the toilets, on the flushing handles, in the sinks, on the toilet paper, etc.


  5. Tatum

    Such a disgustingly stupid waste of money. But it reminds me of the Kenny Rogers Roasters sign from Seinfeld so I chuckled a bit.

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  6. Soccerdawg

    Red screens not flashlights for the 4th Quarter.


  7. Chi-town Dawgs

    Must’ve been giving the lights a trial run for the ND game, bet that will be awesome


  8. Ben

    Well first, that looks great. I love it.

    Second, not to be a downer, but I really hope they’ve considered the possibility of flashing lights causing seizures.

    Finally, if you’re gonna show off like this, your system better be 100% bulletproof. Having to forfeit a game because our new LED toy broke will suck.


  9. jay

    But black jerseys are fake juice.

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    • CPark58


      They damn well better beat Notre Dame. Getting pantsed on national TV and having to blame the lights and relegate them to noon kickoffs against cupcakes would be a bummer.

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