In a way this story doesn’t surprise me.

“Richt remembers making an unusual move in a game against Colorado in 2006, Stafford’s freshman season. Stafford’s accuracy wasn’t the problem; it was that his passes were thrown so hard his receivers couldn’t catch them, so Richt took him out. ‘It is the only time I ever took a quarterback out of a game because they couldn’t catch his ball. He was throwing them well, and they were doinking off everyone,’ Richt says. ‘The more frustrated he got, the harder he threw, and it wasn’t on purpose. The ball is just coming out so hot. It was a real learning curve for receivers. We had to bring in (backup quarterback) Joe Cox just so they could catch the ball. That lasted about a week.’

I don’t remember Staff being that accurate before Cox took over, but I do remember how that game finished.

So Stafford took a little mustard off his pitch the next week?  I thought it was more a case that Cox couldn’t maintain the level he finished the Colorado game at.


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10 responses to ““Doinking”

  1. Greg

    Damn, it’s good to hear Munson’s voice again on football Saturday. He was the best in the business, never be another like hin….boy, I sure do miss that fellow.


  2. Biggus Rickus

    Someone was kind enough to post the Colorado game with all of the downtime cut out, and I subjected myself to it. There were two bad drops by Massaquoi in the second quarter and a quasi–drop by Durham on the last possession before Stafford was pulled (it was a bullet on a slant a little behind him, reasonably tough but could have been caught). That was it. Stafford was not inaccurate really, but he did hold the ball too long on multiple occasions and made some very poor decisions.

    In summary, that may be how Richt remembers it, but memory is often a liar.


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      “Stafford was not inaccurate really, but he did hold the ball too long on multiple occasions and made some very poor decisions.”

      This is what I recall most about Matt’s early days. It may be unfair because he was sold to us as this football genius who also had a cannon for an arm. He got better, of course, but he threw into a lot of double coverage before he did. Which is what makes JF11 so special to me – he really is a football genius. Skinny and Fields both have greater physical gifts, and both were vanquished.


  3. Mark

    I seem to remember an upturn in catches after Right not-so-subtly trolled the receivers. He was asked a question by a reporter about whether Stafford was throwing too hard, and his answer was something on the order of, “His high school receivers didn’t have any problem catching his throws last year.”


    • Dawg19

      Seems like Richt added something like, “Those little 5’8” receivers he was throwing to
      In high school didn’t seem to have trouble catching his passes.”


  4. Mark

    Or maybe it was Richt…


  5. Mark

    Yes, thanks for the Munson moment. I remember about a 25-30 yarder over the middle to Durham getting called back early on. It seemed to be a momentum shift because Stafford was trying to get a rhythm. Then we played sloppily and almost lost to a way inferior opponent. But I do remember a funny moment when Ralphie ran across the field during a timeout (I think) and UGA really lunges at him causing the handlers to turn him around quickly.