Nick doubles down.

Can a football program get away with locking the gates to a stadium after halftime, so no one can leave?  Asking for a friend…


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  1. truck

    Charge them to leave.


  2. JROD

    Free beer is the obvious answer…


  3. Chi-town Dawg

    I can already hear Saban’s post game press conference if Bama loses to LSU or doesn’t make the CFP…”we just weren’t ready to play, the players were distracted thinking about their NFL draft status and the students left early, so they’re obviously not fully committed to us winning”.


  4. gastr1

    He has some big f’ing balls to claim that students leaving early from a 62-10 game are affecting the program. Can’t stand him.

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  5. ATL Dawg


    He seems to think he’s the one in control in that relationship.


  6. Cojones

    A CFB coach trying to train students and the general public to not walk out of a stadium when they feel like it? That kinda goes against an environment where people cherish the fact that they can do whatever their heart’s desire leads them toward in an institution that promotes that above all.

    It’s times like this that you hope someone sends a message back consisting of a big steaming pile on Saban’s desk.

    Message: You sir are hired to coach our football team, not to threaten the student body’s conduct.


  7. Bulldog1

    When was the last time Alabama scheduled a quality non conference opponent in Tuscaloosa. Penn St in the 80s? Bama has only played maybe 4 or 5 good non conf opponents there EVER. The problem is not bad fans, its bad games.


  8. Down Island Way

    Little nicky was right about one issue….student section can’t count to four, holding up one finger was the obvious answer right there…..


  9. Macallanlover

    Love me some Saban but he needs to let this go. If a leader as strongly held in reference at a school made up mostly of Stepford Wives-like fans cannot make this happen it isn’t going anywhere.

    Totally get your preference Nick, but you are beating your head against a wall on this issue. It won’t be a problem for you in November when Eddie O comes calling with his new-look offense. Fans will be hanging from the rafters and probably be there until the final whistle.


  10. W Cobb Dawg

    More proof that people get crankier with age.

    Go ahead and lose a couple games Nick. It’ll bring out the ‘supporters’ like you wouldn’t believe.


  11. JCDawg83

    Saban should be ashamed of himself for going down this road. He should be berating the AD for scheduling games that no one cares about and be thanking the students and fans for even coming to the game to start with. The 12 game schedule was supposed to allow teams to add another interesting out of conference game. Because the “championship” participants are decided by a beauty pageant type committee and a loss can destroy any hope of a team getting into the Disney Invitational Post Season Tournament, the ADs immediately began adding another cupcake to the schedule.

    Who can blame anyone for not sitting through the home team’s baby seal clubbings of cupcakes?


  12. Bulldog Joe

    UA gives away scholarships to rich underperforming out-of-state kids like candy and expects them to have the same loyalty as the in-state kids did?

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  13. JasonC

    Shoot, if they aren’t going to pay the players, maybe Saban can pay the students to stay.


  14. Zutadawg

    I noticed the coke bottle stayed for the entire press conference. At least Nicky has at least one thing he can count on.

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  15. Castleberry

    I understand his point. I’m in the minority of fans that stay when a game is decided – either way.

    I agree he’s going about it the wrong way. Why not send the team up into the student section after a W. Turn it into an impromptu picture day. I like the free beer comment, too.


  16. Saban bitches about the crowd who pays his $10m salary leaving. Kirby thanks everyone for being there early to support Coach Dooley and for staying as long as possible in the heat.

    People aren’t supposed to speak to Little Nicky. Kirby goes to the 1st year gathering to fire up the freshmen and to visit the Redcoats at practice.

    I wonder which of those styles plays well with recruits and their parents.


  17. I feel really bad for anyone who has to encounter that dickhead in the real world.


  18. Tony Barnfart

    It’s obnoxious but he’s the only one who can pull that off, gotta give him that. Everybody else would look 100x douchier saying that.