He didn’t go there to paint.

The Bobby Petrino redemption tour is underway.

You gotta figure he’s angling for a Saban offer next, amirite?


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16 responses to “He didn’t go there to paint.

  1. DawgFaithful

    Tennessee needs a coach. How awesome would that be?


    • Otto

      Arkansas isn’t exactly doing great.

      I could see Junior back in Knoxville too.


      • Macallanlover

        They would take Lucifer himself, no standards in KnoxVegas, and there never has been. They would be Auburn if they got the chance.


        • PDawg30577

          If Petrino, Hugh Freeze, Art Briles or name-your-disgraced-but-successful coach gave the barest sniff to Tennessee right now they could name their price.


  2. Texas Dawg

    Junior as the HC, Petrino as the OC and Pruitt as the DC. That would be a study in dysfunction that would deserve it’s own TV show. It would rank right up there with Real Housewives or Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Trash TV at it’s finest. Any suggestions for a name of that show? If I recall correctly, they have all been accused of diddling in the wrong place on top of their coaching foibles.


    • I reckon “Sluts of the SEC” would sum it up nicely.


    • BMan

      “SECond Chance U” or “Hard Knox” would be the working title.


    • Cojones

      But they are free to diddle all they want now. And that would be their business.

      Sometimes when we get busy preaching about the foibles of others, we forget that their public exposure doesn’t mean there aren’t others living a double life out of the view of the rest of us pointy-fingered sinners. They have already paid the price of their known sins that don’t have dick to do with their coaching ability, unlike those who have no leadership ability at all and aren’t held to that same standard, including the highest office in the land.


      • Texas Dawg

        Way to slip in playpen material in a Monday. Like it or not, when you pull the stupid shit these guys have while employed in a high profile position it is going to follow you. Past behavior is always the best prediction of future behavior. Before you start getting preachy about politics, this is NOT about politics, it is not about Trump, it is about The 3 Stooges of Coaching. Nothing more. Nothing less.


  3. Mayor

    Petrino is angling to get the Arkansas job back IMHO. The AD who fired him is gone. Arky hasn’t done well since Petrino left. Actually, the only time the Razorbacks have been good since they joined the SEC was when Petrino was HC there. The President of the University was there at the time, though, and we don’t know where he stands. I remember that the fans, for the most part, didn’t want him to be fired.


    • Doug

      Petrino did have a good run in Arkansas, but his second Louisville tenure—no double-digit-win seasons, only one finish higher than third in the division, an unmitigated disaster on all fronts in 2018—would make me very cautious, even if I were as desperate as Arkansas probably is now. Petrino had completely lost that last Louisville team midway through the season.

      If he did come back to Arkansas, that’d have to make him the first coach to ever serve two different stints at two different universities, right?


  4. Jack Klompus

    “I have sinned….”



    #2 Douce bag behind Meyer.


  6. Tony Barnfart

    Now you made me go and Google the mistress again…


  7. Bulldog1

    I know from a very good source in Arkansas that says there was NEVER a motorcycle wreck. The husband/boyfriend of the girl simply caught them and beat the crap out of Petrino right there. No bike.