Mark Richt has lost control over losing control.


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34 responses to “Mark Richt has lost control over losing control.

  1. Admiral Sackbar

    oh man just think if he had just spiked the ball he could have had an entire cheese ball endorsement! Jk jk… very happy he’s enjoying life


  2. Dawgflan

    Big Orange Cheese Balls…
    Is this his way of anti-lobbying for the UTenn job?

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  3. Rolo Tomassi

    He looks like he got in shape, too — good for him.


  4. dawgtired

    Kudos to a DGD. Enjoy your retirement CMR! May good health last for many years.

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  5. Walter Geiger

    cheney would whip his ass for those cheese puffs


  6. The other Doug

    I’m jealous.


  7. Salty Dawg

    I understand his love for the beach and Florida weather. We become spoiled right off the bat down here.


  8. Jack Burton

    LOL guy hasn’t graded film in 6 years

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  9. Mike Cooley

    Happy for him. If anybody deserves a fun and relaxing retirement he does.


  10. Mayor

    I don’t think CMR is done. I’m betting on FSU after the Criminoles fire Taggart which could be as soon as after this season.


  11. jt10mc (the other one)

    Good for him!


  12. Bulldog Joe

    Invite him back for GT next year. He can work the game for the ACC Network.

    It’s been long enough.

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  13. jhorne2000

    Has mark richt ever made a losing control joke about himself? Seems like he is capable of that. Would be hilarious


  14. Milledge Hall

    Bulldog Joe,
    Invite him to the trade school this year for the official renaming Boobie Dudd stadium to Mark Richt Stadium! Coach Richt was undefeated at the joke by Coke!!
    Damn good effort by a Damn Good DAWG!!


    • Bulldog Joe

      I like your thinking but that’s not how Kirby rolls. CPJ finally won one during Richt’s last Miami season. By then, it was too late to matter.


    • Athens Townie

      Unfortunately, Richt’s record at Bobby Dodd was tarnished in 2018 in an ugly loss. It was his fourth loss in a row, on his way to getting fired from his second job in a row.

      Sad that he had to go out like that. At least now he doesn’t have to study film and he gets to eat Cheesy Puffs on the beach in Florida.


      • Russ

        He retired so they wouldn’t owe him a buyout, but dont let that get in the way of your narrative.


        • Athens Townie

          You’re right. Chill though. It was a factual inaccuracy, not a narrative. I mistakenly thought they canned him. I revised accordingly (below). Do you approve?

          It was his fourth loss in a row, on his way to a hasty and disgraced retirement, three seasons after getting fired from Georgia.