There’s nothing like recycling golden oldies.


I do, too, fella.  We might disagree on how near the floor is, though.



Analogizing your football team to the Titanic?  Damn, son, I don’t think I woulda said that.


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    • Derek

      What would he rather do: try and beat Saban, Smart, Mullen and Orgeron OR be a living, breathing “I told you so?”

      I’m going with B….for now.


    • Mayor

      Foolmer will wait until the end of the season, then fire Pruitt and hire himself. If he takes over when the team is 1-6 he runs the risk of losing to a pretty good UAB team, UK, Mizzou, and Vandy. If he coached the team and lost the last 4 games the Vol fanbase not only would demand that HE be fired, they would run him out of town on a rail.


  1. 3rdandGrantham

    I’m confused – why would you say that after you team is 0-2 and lost 4 straight dating back to last year? Wouldn’t that be more appropriate while your team is trending upwards?

    When Pruitt was hired, I predicted that he would not be the answer for UT and would not work out long term. I felt The Peter Principle applied to him, as he is a solid coordinator level coach but would make for a poor CEO type. With that said, I would not have predicted that things would go this badly for him…especially for what is supposed to be his ‘bump year.’ As it stands, they may actually win less games this year than last year.


    • Pruett must be carrying on with the female interns again for his team to look this unprepared each week. I had expected him to turn Tennessee into a tough out on our schedule, no more, no less, but I obviously thought too much of a guy who didnt even know what asparagus was.


      • Anonymous

        You had no reason to believe that Pruitt would be a good HC. Being a coordinator does nothing to prepare you for being a HC. Neither Urban Meyer nor Dabo Swinney were ever Coordinators. The list of excellent Coordinators turned failed HCs is quite long. Dell McGee is unlikely every to be a Coordinator, but I would wager that he will be a good HC if ever given the opportunity. The jobs require very different skill sets.


        • Your logic sucks. The list of excellent coaches who have failed at HC is long whether they were coordinator or not. And no, the skill sets are not different, it is just that the HC position requires a larger skillset, but that is true of any job promotion in any industry.


  2. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Pruitt has to say something, and as long as he stays away from pronouncing them to be Champions of Life, I’m okay with it.


  3. PDawg30577

    The rats on the Titanic may have prolonged their lives by a few minutes, but they still all went to a cold and watery grave. I hope his analogy holds.


  4. Granthams replacement

    When you have a large buyout lifeboat you can use the titanic analogy.

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  5. Ricky McDurden

    At this point, I just assume Phil is writing all of Jeremy’s talking points to set him up for the inevitable.

    That first quote might be the biggest “No fucking shit?” statement ever made in Coachspeak history. In my mind it’s contending with his infamous asparagus question as dumbest thing he has ever said on camera


  6. Mg4life0331

    How near they are to the floor? Damn senator that’s cold blooded. I enjoyed it.


  7. Derek

    Let me suggest a fight song:

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  8. Cojones

    On another note on the same subject, the kid who was bullied in the Fl school has had his makeshift Vols jersey copyrighted and they are selling like hotcakes. Fans and UT sent him a lot of trademarked expensive gear that he is handing out to classmates who teased him. They took his handmade sign and incorporated it into a Vols jersey that’s crashed the order site with requests. Good ending for the kid(s).

    Now, if that vaunted team can just win a game, the kid could quit looking at the floor. The rumor that Smokey had entered the transfer portal is untrue. The school says that Smokey is just taking some time off to be with family. An entrepreneur is considering cropping Smokey’s facial portrait to show only the hurt expression in his eyes on a tee shirt that will have a different photo of his eyes after every loss. The kid’s market in Fl is waiting with baited breath. And the return business each week for that jersey is astronomical.


    • Got Cowdog

      The bad? The kid got picked on, but kids can be cruel. He’ll get over it.
      The good? There are some kindhearted people in the ut organization who saw the opportunity to create goodwill for their laughingstock of a program and maybe turn some coin.
      The really good? The garden variety SEC fan probably won’t know or will forget the backstory here. I can say without conviction that before I stared hanging out here on the blog had I seen that shirt on a vol fan I would have said something like “Yeeaahh, that looks about right.” and laughed and laughed.
      Y’all do y’all vols.


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    First of all, the Titanic had rats, not mice. And is Pruitt saying he wants live rats or dead/drowned rats? I’m confused.

    I would think stories about Hee Haw might’ve been more effective considering the “QB Club” were all sitting on haybales and dressed in farmer overalls.


  10. Nashville West

    Does the door say “the future is now here” or “the future is nowhere?” I think that the answer is clear even to the vowels.

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  11. Texas Dawg

    As the bottom drops out like a carnival ride, the ceiling is further and further away so he is correct that they are nowhere near the ceiling.


  12. Godawg

    Here’s an interesting list:
    The study was obviously conducted before the BYU game or Tennessee would have beaten out WV. 🙂


  13. voxdawg

    Such a crack staff, and NOBODY caught that gaffe on the door graphics?


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  14. stoopnagle

    Pruitt and Tennessee deserve each other.


  15. FisheriesDawg

    LOL, Ramey deleted the tweet after it blew up. I’m guessing someone from the AA in Knoxville called and told him to take it down. Can’t have a record of that sort of thing.