This week in SP+

If you want to understand Kirby Smart’s brand of football, look no further than Bill Connelly’s chart for Week 2.

Screenshot_2019-09-09 SP+ rankings after Week 2 Oregon jumps 10 spots

There is only one team on that list that is top ten in all three areas.  That’s Kirby’s secret sauce.  Georgia may not be dominant in one particular phase of the game (although that # special teams ranking is pretty stout), but it’s not going to be exposed anywhere, either.


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  1. Complimentary football y’all.


  2. It’s grind you down with talent playing physical, disciplined football.


  3. ugafidelis

    I can’t wait until this team gets the final edge honed in. We’re going to be scary good. I almost wish we had LSU instead TA&M on the schedule to enact some revenge on those folks.

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    • Russ

      The way they looked the other night, we might see LSU the first weekend in December.


      • Got Cowdog

        I was thinking the same thing, but I’ll hold my hopes until I see Bama play someone worth a shit. I was also thinking if LSU had a full sized running back they would be really scary.
        Not being a Texas fan for obvious reasons, I truly enjoyed watching Joe Burrows nut them time after time. Here’s to hoping Kirby doesn’t let him do the same to us.


      • Macallanlover

        You may want to see LSU, but I much prefer A&M in November and Bama in Atlanta for the SECCG. We can’t bet Bama if we don’t play them, and I think we match up better against them. We have outplayed them twice in the past two years, time to take that next step and outscore them.


  4. Joe Schmoe

    If you think FL’s Defense (6) will be ranked higher than ours at year end (9), I have some property on the moon I would like to sell to you.


  5. David H.

    I don’t really understand Bill’s values in the Special Teams column. Pretty much all teams’ values are between -0.2 and 0.2. That doesn’t look important at all, relative to the Offensive and Defensive values. Maybe as the year goes on, those Special Teams numbers will start to spread out more?


  6. Cojones

    The UGA SP+ differential ranked with ND’s are: O (4x better than ND), D (3x better than ND) and STs (35x better than ND). If a 14pt spread isn’t to your liking, what’s the statistics for betting on UGA based on the SP+ only?


    • Biggus Rickus

      Last year, it ranged between 3.0 and -3.1, but very few teams end up reaching 2.0 or falling to -2.0, so the vast majority fall between 1.9 and -1.9. I’m not entirely sure if the formula values it properly or not. If your special teams are good or bad enough, they probably cause more of a swing than 3 points.