“The more information you have, the more there is to look at.”

If there’s any coach out there I expected to embrace the use of analytics wholeheartedly, it’s Mr. “aggregate of marginal gains.” ($$)

“We use a ton of analytics,” Smart said. “We’ve got people that come in, they give us a breakdown, they read through it, and sometimes you use it, sometimes you don’t, but it’s there. We purchase it. We use a lot of analytics.”

That’s not to say Kirby’s made a slave of himself to them, but he’s not going to leave any stone unturned, either.

“What does it all mean in a huge bucket?” Smart said. “At the end of the day, you’ve got to do what you feel is best for your team’s chance of success, but there’s a lot more analytics involved.”

Just what you’d expect from a Terry College grad. 😉


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9 responses to ““The more information you have, the more there is to look at.”

  1. dawgtired

    I’m the analytical guy at our place of business. The numbers may not always reveal what you’re looking for but it tells a story. And best of all, it removes false perception. Collecting data can be monotonous, but when it reveals the useful nuggets, it can be helpful. If for no other reason, data can be used to quieten the bitching.


  2. bulldogbry

    Man, I LOVE nerd KIrby. Also, something something joke about Chaney’s statistical predictive measures.


  3. Agree with dawgtired above. Analytics don’t make decisions, but they do provide an important part of decision making. Decision making done right is where judgment & experience meet up with the data. I think that’s exactly what Kirby is talking about it the article.

    Just as with anything, technology done right helps the person make better decisions.

    Yes, I have 2 degrees from Terry, so I have consumed the Kool Aid.


  4. Cynical Dawg

    “Every quantitative measure shows us we are winning this war.”

    Robert S. McNamara, the original analytics guy, Saigon, 1962.

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    • stoopnagle

      We have an observation of UGA’s current leadership’s infatuation with data: they have data. They don’t really ask if the data is valid or reliable, they just know they have it and they’re supposed to make “data-driven” decisions.


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Remember that farcical scene in North Dallas Forty; the coach telling them that none of you are a good as the computer?


  6. Surely the analytics have some data on running out of the stupid jumbo set on third and 1 compared to spreading a team out and then running, right?


  7. Macallanlover

    No question you want your leader to have great depth of information on the key data points that move the needle. You also want him to have the assets to implement the plan to win on both offense and defense. So far so good. Now you need him to not stop implementing the plan when you have the opponent on the run, make sure the opponent is dead.

    It cost us the MNC game two years ago; it was like the movies where you have brought the bad guy down and turn your back on him with a gun left near him. As a viewer you cringe and want to warn them, but are helpless as you watch the tables turn. Having the best info and plan can be negated by a preset notion that is flawed. This isn’t your father’s football game, 3 quarters of great work can be overcome in one half of a quarter as points can be put up quickly when momentum changes.


  8. Comin' Down The Track

    [English degree guy snorts and spits].