Updated Dawg odds

Evidently, the sports book money’s been flowing Georgia’s way since the start of the season, as the spreads on some of its major games have widened significantly, per Westgate LV Superbook.


  • “In Georgia’s home matchup against Notre Dame on Sept. 21, Vegas has the Bulldogs favored by 11.5 points according to Westgate. That is a two-point swing from the Golden Nugget’s original line from June, which had Georgia favored by 9.5 points.”
  • “On November 2, Georgia takes on Florida in Jacksonville, Fla. While the June line from Golden Nugget had the Bulldogs as 3.5 point favorites in that contest, Westgate likes Georgia a bit more now, favoring them by 7.5 points.”
  • “On Nov. 16 Georgia faces Auburn on the road and Vegas sees this one a bit differently now. While Golden Nugget had Georgia as a 7.5-point road favorite in June, Westgate initially listed them as a 4-point favorite. Now, Georgia is favored by 11 points.”

The one of those three that surprises me a little is the Auburn spread.  It’s a road game and Auburn’s defense has been impressive in its first two games.

There is one home game that has seen the spread tighten slightly.

Facing each other for the first time as SEC rivals, Georgia and Texas A&M will play in Athens on Nov. 23, with Georgia favored by 12 points, a point decrease from August.

And then there’s Tech.

To end the 2019 regular season, Georgia will play in-state rival Georgia Tech on the road on November 30. In June, the Bulldogs were favored by 20.5 points and were 25.5-point in August. Now, Georgia is listed as 24-point favorites against the Yellow Jackets…

The romantic in me would like to think that’s caused by Jackets fans who are super optimistic after Tech’s epic win over South Florida.


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11 responses to “Updated Dawg odds

  1. Greg

    Don’t think it being a road game at Auburn plays too much into it (spread). The last I looked, Georgia has won more at Auburn than in Athens.


    • The last I looked, Smart has yet to beat an SEC West team on the road.

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      • Greg

        SO….it’s Smart’s coaching abilities that play more of a factor than the home crowd??


        • You are confusing correlation with causation.


          • Greg

            Not confused at all, it was just a question…an easy one.

            You mentioned it being a road game in the original post. I just simply said that the road game historically has not been a factor in the outcome. That we’ve won more at Auburn than in Athens the last I checked….so I am not surprised, even about the spread.

            That was my point, you then bring up Smart’s road record. Hence, my question.

            Not challenging you, hope you did not feel that way.


            • I don’t feel challenged. I feel like I explained my reasoning to you.


            • Macallanlover

              Doubt it is based on Smart’s road record, Vegas assigns a point preference to teams based on historical information so it varies subjectively by venue. Vandy may get 2-3 points because the edge isn’t a major factor, LSU and AU might get 5-6 points. I think AU has been iffy in their two games and the Vegas crowd doesn’t look at things the same way as the media pollsters. Money must not be coming in strong on Auburn and UGA fans are riding the wave of invincibility. Combined with national sentiment, UGA is more of a betting favorite these days.

              I said back in the summer folks should jump on the Dawgs at -4 because it would rise as the season went along. I felt it was the safest line I saw in July/August.


  2. practicaldawg

    I watched a little of the Auburn-Tulane game. Nix doesn’t look that great to me yet, and there is little semblance of a run game. Life will be hard against quality SEC defenses that force Nix to beat them through the air.


  3. addr

    I continue to be perplexed by the Florida line, especially after that shitshow against Miami, and even moreso now that they’ve had some key injuries. The closest Dan has come to beating Kirby as a head coach was last year, and UGA still won by 3 scores.


  4. stoopnagle


    Ha ha ha