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The Alabama Way

It’s not so much that this chart bothers me…

… as it is that Alabama’s AD has whined about noon kickoffs and Greg McGarity’s been… well, Greg McGarity about noon kickoffs.



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“Six degrees of Jake Fromm”

If you want to know how Andy Staples gets to “If Jake Fromm hadn’t been so good, Sawyer Smith wouldn’t be starting at quarterback for Kentucky against Florida this week.”, you’ll have to read this. ($$)

Fromm may not be college football’s best quarterback, but is there another QB who’s had a bigger ripple effect this season?


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Your Daily Gator is blowing smoke.

Dan, Dan, Dan…

As I tend to say, “probably” is doing a shit ton of work there.

Screenshot_2019-09-12 BigOrangePruitt on Twitter SECfootball Todd Grantham - Total Defense rankings since 2010 FLO ‘19 13th[...](1)

His highest finish on that list was fueled by a ridiculous amount of experienced talent — and should have been better.  But if you’re good with him, Coach, we are, too.  Especially on third down.


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The continuing adventures of run the damned ball

Through the first two weeks, success rate (a raw measure of a given offense’s ability to gain the needed yards on a given down) has been pretty successful for Georgia.

Even against an easy schedule, UGA’s season SR of 62% is superlative. Additionally, a Rush SR (Success Rate only on rush plays) of 65% tells us that the UGA run game is as formidable as we think it is. I said this on the Vanderbilt Review episode of CBC, but I think it’s important for us to remember that a win against Vanderbilt is still a win against an SEC opponent. Similarly, a 62% success rate over two games, regardless of the quality of the opponent, is a good sign for dawg fans everywhere. I believe in the axiom that great teams dismantle bad teams, and to this point, while we can’t confirm that 2019 UGA is a great team, they haven’t done anything statistically to disprove that notion, either. And two games in, that’s all you can ask for. (Also, check out the the SR number for UGA on 2nd down. Absolutely lethal)

And that’s been with a fairly vanilla approach so far.  I’ll take it.


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This is why I’m a lapsed libertarian.

Shorter director of the Cato Institute’s Center for Educational Freedom:  True freedom is allowing an illegal cartel to rig a labor market.


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Thursday morning buffet

Get you some.


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“How is this guy gonna work out in West Texas?”

Bruce Feldman’s oral history of Mike Leach’s first staff and team at Texas Tech ($$) is a must read.

Amazing factoid:  “Combined with the Red Raider players on that squad, eight people from that team are or were head coaches of FBS programs, eight more have been coordinators at the FBS level, and in all, 23 have been college or NFL coaches.”

Whether or not you’re impressed with Leach’s record, you can’t deny his impact on the game of football.


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“We’ll play anybody you can get to play us.”

Asked and answered, Nick.


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Musical palate cleanser, obvious edition

I have no idea why I’ve never devoted a Cleanser to a college band before, so let’s fix that oversight with this:


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