The Alabama Way

It’s not so much that this chart bothers me…

… as it is that Alabama’s AD has whined about noon kickoffs and Greg McGarity’s been… well, Greg McGarity about noon kickoffs.


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  1. UGA '97

    noon = cupcake, nothing to brag about….


  2. Biggen

    I actually like the nooners from a TV standpoint. Still have the rest of the day to get stuff done after our game.


  3. Derek

    Bama is lying and playing to the decision makers to its own benefit?

    I am shocked!!


  4. For context, a fan died of a heart attack during the New Mexico game. The heat was not the main factor in his death, but was a contributing cause. Part of Byrne’s vocalness on the issue of noon starts now is a CYA move.

    In reality, it’s no hotter in Tuscaloosa on a September Saturday than it is in Starkville, Athens, Gainsville, etc.


    • Derek

      Maybe not at 230 though. The hottest game I ever went to was the UGA/Bama at Bryant Denny in 2002. It was the first Saturday in October. The “man enough” game. And yes I’ve been to Columbia more than once.

      A tropical storm had come through and left all that humidity behind and then the sun came out. It was oppressive. They ran out of water and people were dropping like flies.

      Good news? We won!!!

      Btw, as much as my position is “fuck Bama” a nooner in T-town is really 11am. That is a meaningful difference for fans if not for weather.

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      • I totally get it. In my time at Bama, I went to many a 11am and 230 game in Bryant Denny and Legion Field (I’m dating myself) that were hotter than hell. But I’ve been to equally hot games at the same time in other SEC stadiums. To be frank, the 230 games were always much hotter than noon games.

        My point was Byrne wants to be able to point to this “disappointment in the conference” the next time fans complain about start times. He can say he tried but the big bad conference won’t budge. To your point, this wasn’t the first oppressively hot game game to happen in T-Town. It’s not a new issue.

        Also, I hate you for bringing up that 2002 game. 🙂


      • Remember the Quincy

        I remember that game well. I always cite it as the hottest game of my life, and I’ve been to 12 of 14 SEC stadiums for Sept/Oct games, plus AZ State in 2008. That 2002 game in Tuscaloosa was as brutal a game as I have ever seen.


      • Tony Barnfart

        2003 @ Clemson would like a word with you. Went to both, thought Clemson was worse.


  5. JCDawg83

    We had as many noon kickoffs in ’17 and ’18 as Bama did from ’14 until now. Thanks McGarity!


  6. josh hancher

    145-14 in those 3 games.

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  7. DawgPhan

    It would be nice to have an AD that would try and improve the game times for fans instead of just taking whatever noon slot he is told.

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  8. Corch Irvin Meyers New USC Trojans Corch (2020)

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have an AD who wasn’t a gigantic feckless, incompetent, and visionless piece of shit like Greg McGarity?

    Imagine how great Georgia would be with great leadership?

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  9. Greg "grab-n-go" McGarity

    Everything’s fine folks. Fact is, we’re very happy with the way we do things.

    Now we need everyone to pay up as soon as possible on their Magill Society pledges so that we can get to work on the new Butts-Mehre expansion. Lots to be done!


  10. Assuming y’all saw this nonsense today? God – Bama manages to make everything about them joyless as hell.


    • You may misread the increasingly populist makeup of the Blog comments section —- that’s the NY TImes you’ve got there! But, sure enough, I really hate those f*ckers one state West.


  11. ben bragg

    Noon kickoffs are the most Georgia thing ever.


  12. Another example of how Greg “Sleeping at the Switch” McGarity is a useless garbage AD.

    He rarely, if ever, advocates for our program against the SEC, NCAA, or ESPN/ABC/CBS fucking our program over.


    • Greg "grab-n-go" McGarity

      Gosh, if I spent my time worrying about TV start times, I just don’t know that that would be an efficient use of time.

      Gosh, golly gee.


  13. jtp03

    The conference office and half of the member schools were located in the central time zone when this tv deal was struck years ago.

    This can’t be new information for Bama. Also, fcuk bama.


  14. BuffaloSpringfield

    There should not be 12:00 games in the South


  15. W Cobb Dawg

    May as well get used to the heat, because it’s only going to get worse. I was joking about bama’s bitching with a friend who knows a thing or two about climate. He said wait 10 to 15 years and teams will be wishing for 8 am starts.

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