Thursday morning buffet

Get you some.



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30 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. Fred Sanford

    On the yeti front – you need this – we love them



    By the time we get to Florida Zeus will be a handful for opposing defenses.


  3. Macallanlover

    That blitz pick up by Zeus is a clear indicator he intends to be “all in” on every play he is involved in. Think he knows after two ACL tears, he may only get one more chance; here is hoping a great kid gets a chance to be rewarded for doing things the right way.

    His running style is also balls to the wall but pretty much straight ahead at this point. Don’t see the quick cuts he had in HS to blow up runs when the least opportunity presented itself. We might see more of that later in the season but it seems it is still hard for him to totally trust that the knees are strong enough for the stress. Not unusual at all, just saying there is even more coming from Zeus over the next two fall seasons for UGA fans. Sending him much good luck, he is one of the good guys.

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    • Cojones

      If you think that spin move he did while being tackled during one of his runs isn’t hard on the knees and their ACLs, you missed your first clue as to the excitement he is generating from his coaches and teammates. Don’t confuse that exuberance for their relief that he isn’t getting injured; its for the proof that he is about to become our best RB – period.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    I’m sure everybody’s heard this, but the term “Redneck Rolexes” brings a smile.


  5. Greg

    Looks like Propst is still jonesing for a CF job. Still surprised he has one at the HS level.


  6. ugafidelis

    I can’t justify paying that much for an ice chest.


    • Doug

      Any cooler costing that much better have a bottle of Dom already chilling inside.


      • Got Cowdog

        I have one.
        Pros? they are cool looking and will keep ice for three days at 90 degrees as long as you keep it in the shade and don’t open it very often.
        Cons? Heavy as hell even when empty. If you put enough ice in it to last 3 days there isn’t much room for beer. If it’s 90 degrees outside and there is beer in it, it gets opened a lot, so it doesn’t keep ice much longer than any other cooler.
        Net-net? Not worth the money.


        • AlphaDawg

          Gonna have to disagree. I used to go through a larger igloo every year on my boat. Opening and closing, casting platform, cutting board etc. The heavy use would destroy the latches and hinges and it would sag. I reluctantly (i’m cheap = 2 xmas gift cards plus cash) bought a yeti about 4 years ago for my boat and its still going strong. It’s paid for itself in that time.

          If you’re just gonna use it at tailgates its a luxury but if you spend a bunch of time in the woods or on a boat its worth the $$$.


    • Cojones

      Not many will considering that that technology has been around since the 80s and for far less. Hell. I can stick my “G” logo on any cooler.

      While traveling (car rental) in France in the late 80s, my family and I stopped at Chantilly to take on people fuel. I picked up a cooler for a few francs in a supermarket, used it in our drive across France for the next week and ended up packing items like camera with various lenses and other goods we wanted to protect on the return trip and used it like luggage. It was in my possession up until a few years ago and was discarded only because it was mistreated by storing it in a hot storage shed that warped the outer plastic. The plastic began to part where it was joined at the rim and you could see the polyurethane sandwiched between the sides. That’s exactly the construction of the Yeti cooler; it was everything the Yeti cooler is claiming to be and more – except the price. I got it for less than $10 (it was the only type cooler they had) and it was replete with great memories before I discarded it.

      I have now supported this Yeti cooler for it’s technology, but until you sell it for less than $25, only an insulated aluminum cooler would be worth half that price.


  7. TXBaller

    I tells ya, that Skylar Thompson is GERNERATIONAL……


  8. Go Dawgs!

    Remember when Rush Propst was angling HARD for a job on Kirby’s staff when he got to UGA? He was dangling recruiting connections and his great experience in media interviews. God, am I glad that never got off of the ground.

    I wonder how the investigation into his drugging players is going.


    • PDawg30577

      I never realized he was lobbying for a job at UGA, but I sure am glad that never went anywhere. If you ordered a tractor-trailer load of scumbags, and when it got there only Rush Propst stepped off the truck, it’d still be a bargain. Surely the son of a bitch is too toxic for even the most desperate and unscrupulous programs by now.


  9. FisheriesDawg

    On that three-team scenario, the only way it happens is if Alabama loses to LSU in the regular season and doesn’t go to Atlanta, then Georgia beats LSU. Bama is the only team that gets the benefit of the doubt. They couldn’t get Alabama in over LSU in that scenario, which brings LSU along for the ride. If LSU’s one loss is Alabama, they’re out. If Georgia loses in the SECCG, we’re out. But Alabama can lose one of the two and almost certainly still get in.


  10. AceDawg

    Don’t let Yeti break you. Take the best cooler you already have, and slap a UGA bumper sticker on it. More importantly, Yeti coolers make very little sense to me. I don’t need something that can keep my drinks cold for days – I run through a cooler of beer in a couple hours like a DGD.

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    • Cojones

      I frequently run around with a guy like you when it comes to beer in a cooler. He has the highest alcohol dehydrogenase enzymes of anyone I’ve ever met and worked for years as a professional truck driver. We sometimes take a daytrip of over 200 miles roundtrip to find breweries (even though Southern Philosophy Brewery is in nearby Bainbridge) new to us and with his trusty cooler filled in the back of his pickup, we have cold beer wherever we go.. He appears as sober on return as when we leave and drives his pickup like a pro as well.

      The only thing he doesn’t have is a large bladder and his return pee stops occur about every 15-20 miles, no exaggeration. Beginning to suspicion that he has a cannula (sans the needle) implanted that makes beer avoid the kidneys.


      • AceDawg

        Haha – I’m not THAT good at drinking, but I have known a couple like that. I can hold my own for one afternoon but can’t hang with that lifestyle.

        But yeah, maybe those Yeti’s make sense for dudes out hunting or away from civilization for a while, but otherwise it seems like a style trend because we just don’t need coolers to be THAT good for one afternoon at a time.


      • Your boy needs a piss-cup like Bad Blake, Cojo…


  11. Greg

    Didn’t know, a zebra never changes it stripes….thanks!


  12. W Cobb Dawg

    I’m not a Propst fan, but his take on Chaney seems right. They should be targeting Jennings at least 15 times a game. Even when the guy is covered like a blanket the ball seems to get tipped right into his hands. One of the luckiest WRs I think I’ve ever seen.


  13. Dawgoholic

    Need to try ORCA. Better quality than Yeti in my opinion.