“We’ll play anybody you can get to play us.”

Asked and answered, Nick.


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9 responses to ““We’ll play anybody you can get to play us.”

  1. LeaveItToBeaver

    Didn’t he say he didn’t want to play us again, after they barely escaped with a win in the SECCG last December? Hmmm… maybe not anybody, Coach..


    • Go Dawgs!

      We wouldn’t be included in his statement, schools don’t get to choose their SEC schedules, the league does. He’s referring to out of conference opponents.


  2. California dawg

    We’re only 2 games into the season and Saban’s been especially ornery during press conferences, even for a relentless asshole like him. Is there a bigger whiner of a coach in the SEC right now? (well maybe Pruitt)


  3. JasonC

    Welp! I guess after attack the students and fans, the media was the next logical choice for Saban to call out and act like an asshole about.


  4. Did little nicky just air finger “i don’t have time for this shit” to the peeps in the room right there…..


  5. Bulldawg Bill

    Maybe a little paranoia?? Remember, folks, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t necessarily mean someone’s not out to get you!!!