No Mowins for you

In case you aren’t going to Athens tomorrow and are concerned Mickey’s going to foist a repeat of its broadcast crew on you, calm down.

Still not the Ocho…


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15 responses to “No Mowins for you

  1. dawgfan1995

    For me, being able to watch the game assumes that AT&T/DirecTV and ESPN work out their carriage fee differences by midnight or agree to a time extension on it. Unfortunately my wife refuses to move into the 21st century and insists on having Uverse…so I’m stuck.


  2. Bulldog1

    I usually cringe at Beth Mowins but last week I actually thought she showed great prep as she know a lot about Ga players. It was her best game ever imo.

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  3. Reverend Whitewall

    I like Philpott for the most part. He had a daily spot on the sports talk station in the Greenville/Clemson area for a good while, and I listened to him a good bit. Oddly enough tho, the thing I always liked least about him was when he talked about UGA, and that’s because he’s close with Dean Legge. Legge had a weekly spot on his show, and it was awful. I just can’t listen to Legge. So I’d usually change it during that spot, then flip back when it was over. Philpott is pretty good tho. He provides decent insights.


  4. Anon

    I’ll take her over booger any day


  5. ApalachDawg

    Not sure what broadcast you were listening to but she was god awful. The only tolerable one was Rocky the ND homer on the sidelines. I hope those other two never do another UGA game.


  6. The big screen remote control mute button has gorilla glue plus duct tape over it until further notice during certain telecasts


  7. JN

    Speaking of TV times/listings. UF/Tenn at noon. I cannot recall that game being a noon in my lifetime.


  8. pjmcdonough

    Was it just me, or was Mowins doing a pirate impression? Literally, she was saying “yarrrrds”. “Run by Swift for a gain of 15 yarrrds”.


  9. sectionzalum


    Incidentally, I was able to sync up Scott Howard, et. al. with the video. Very enjoyable.