The “P” word, again

I feel a great disturbance in the Force, Luke.  It’s coming from Forbes.

Screenshot_2019-09-13 College Football’s Most Valuable Teams Reigning Champion Clemson Tigers Claw Into Top 25

That sound you hear is Greg McGarity reaching for his phone.  Good thing he’s got Mike Griffith on speed dial.


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9 responses to “The “P” word, again

  1. The other Doug

    I guess we know why Jimbo went to College Station.


  2. You have to hand it to Clemson for doing more with less.


  3. PDawg30577

    I won’t say these numbers are meaningless, but I don’t think they’re trustworthy. Seems like we all talked about this a lot in the offseason as various valuations and comparisons came out. College football bookkeeping is not the same as you-and-me-type bookkeeping. I think some programs pencil-whip the hell out of the numbers to make themselves look good and others pencil-whip them in the exact opposite direction.


  4. jt10mc (the other one)

    Those oil and cattle men in Tejas sure like them some football…