What flavor of spread would you like to go with your offense?

Good primer from Ian Boyd here on the four types of spread offenses that prevail in college football these days, which he labels pro-spread, smashmouth spread, power-spread and spread-option.  There are variations within each, of sorts, but his bottom line is coordinators pick a philosophy first and then a version of the spread to implement that choice.

The real key is what the offense wants to do in order to win. Do they want to control the ball with a power run game? Pile up points throwing play-action? Orient the game around key passing game matchups? Or spread you out and just distribute the ball to space?

It’s been fascinating watching what started as an offensive revolution over a decade ago turn into an offensive evolution that’s taken over the sport.  We’re not arguing about whether the spread is better than traditional I-formation based football anymore; instead, the question is whether an offense is using a version of the spread best suited for its personnel.  The last war is over.  Long live the next one, I guess.


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4 responses to “What flavor of spread would you like to go with your offense?

  1. Pro style spread is the way to play if you have Jimmies and Joes … like Georgia, Bama, and LSU.


  2. The Dawg abides

    I remember Chaney using the term smashmouth spread to describe the offense a couple of years ago. At the time I thought he was just giving his best description, but apparently it was an actual philosophy.


  3. Sides

    Great article. This post is why I read this blog.