A make do game day post

Power at my house went out last night and service hasn’t been restored as of my departure for Athens, so this brief note will have to suffice.

Play a full sixty minutes and don’t get hurt, Dawgs. The rest should take care of itself.

The floor is yours, gang.


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68 responses to “A make do game day post

  1. Normaltown Mike

    Run the damn ball!


  2. Greg

    Sux….hope you get power back soon. Dawgs run away with this one, 34 or more:


  3. RangerRuss



  4. The other Doug

    I have a problem and I need the wisdom of this site to help me sort it out. The kick off is 10 am here in Colorado and I have a 6 pack of Tropicali. Is it OK to start drinking at 10 am?

    I’ll hang up in and listen

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  5. FlyingPeakDawg

    It’s 5:00 in Bulgaria so drink up…nazdrave!


  6. gastr1

    Ah. I was so looking forward to a snarkfest post about Alabama tracking students’ length of stay in their games with a new app.

    I say we take a drink for every time a student gives Saban the finger.

    Go Dawgs!


  7. But…what will I read while I drink my coffee? Thanks a lot, Georgia Power.


    • Macallanlover

      As we have increasingly become more dependent on total access to electricity (yeah it has always been something we took for granted, just so much more so) I have decided a generator of some size is something I am willing to spring for. Justified not doing so for many years but now I am less tolerant to being deprived life’s pleasures even for a few hours/days. Just deciding on the size to work the “necessities” like HVAC, refrigerator, some lights, TV, router, etc.

      Won’t need it more than 12 hours a year on average, but those might be “the 12 hours” that I really need, but it can be a couple of days+ during an ice storm, or nearby hurricane. Am justifying it by having it for the grand baby in times of emergency, or lending a hand to neighbors.

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      • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

        I have thought about it. In the 90s I was without power once for 4 days. But I also did not have the internet craving that I have now. It wasn’t really too hot, and I had a gas water heater, so aside from lights, TV and refrigeration we survived. But the ones I would want look a little like AC units and use natural gas and they will pretty much crank out enough power for anything you do now. They are pricey, and in addition to the cost of the unit, the installation can be pricey (need a gas line installed to where you site it, have to get it wired into your electrical service, etc.) but you could just about do anything in times like this.


      • 92 grad

        If I didn’t have an RV I would be in a similar position as you right now. If we ever lost power for an extended period of time all we need to do is go out to the back of the driveway and flip a switch. I travel a lot for work so I have gone through the procedure with my wife and kids and if I’m gone they will be fine.


      • AthensHomerDawg

        Do you Have access to natural gas or propane?


      • spur21

        Ignore the bad rating these guys know generators


  8. illinidawg

    I hope we dodged a bullet with these clouds and a bit cooler weather. Taking lyft over and walking home should be good!


  9. TN Dawg

    I don’t like the way T-Sim was holding that wrist.

    Hope it ain’t broke.


  10. D as in Dawg

    Our game manager is managing field goals today.


  11. D as in Dawg

    I’m still behind, but just got to see LeCounte whiff and then get run over in back to back plays. Someone is going to posterize him before his career is over.


  12. Is #16 even dressed? I haven’t seen him on the field and can’t find him on the sideline.


  13. PDawg30577

    Well, here comes the “relaxed” portion of the game. Go ahead and start putting the youngsters in if you’re not going to give it all eight cylinders. It’s frustrating.


  14. PDawg30577



  15. PDawg30577

    And Cager’s first 6!


  16. sniffer

    I ❤️🖤George Pickens


  17. TN Dawg

    ESPN: “Coach, your getting ass-raped right now at the half. Let’s talk about your dead wife.”


  18. D as in Dawg

    How do you feel about your wife’s death? How are you responding to your wife’s death? Good grief. It’s halftime. He’s losing and disappointed. Ask him about the game. I guess the publicity is nice for him and the cause of curing cancer, but ask him about the game, Disney.


  19. playmakers in space

    ‘Member when Sagarin had us winning this one by 6?

    I ‘member.


  20. QB sneak on 4 and 2? Wth


  21. What’s with diving at Cook’s knees 2 yards in the endzone? Come on with the unnecessary tackles, ASU! Damn! These aren’t hustle tackles!


  22. PDawg30577

    A halftime note in terms the NATS will understand:

    Elon>Citadel>Georgia Tech


  23. 79Dawg

    They just showed the Sun Belt conference commercial which included highlights and scores such as ULM over Bama, App State over Michigan, Georgia Southern over Florida, and they already had the Georgia State over Tennessee highlights/graphic on there – LOL!
    (PS Will go out on a limb and say our game today is not going up there….)


  24. TN Dawg

    Well, not much to see in this game other than we eat cupcakes when they are put on the table, just as a great team should.

    Pickens had a great week last week, I think Blaylock caught my eye this week. Though still, that pirouette, though.

    Cook is like your favorite gun to shoot that you rarely get out of the gun cabinet.

    Nice run by McIntosh towards the end, good instincts to bust it to the outside, then speed, enough to gimp a muthaf*cka trying to catch him.

    Best game yet, by my eye, in which we treated opposing QB like a piñata.

    Bring on the Catholics.

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  25. Russ

    Well, that was satisfying. Well done by the Dawgs and by the fans in the stadium. Now for the Citidal to close it out.

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  26. Russ

    Tech falls in OT to the mighty Bulldogs of Citadel. Won’t be the last time they lose to Bulldogs this season.

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  27. Uglydawg

    I won a bet that the Citadel would beat the nerds. Made it back in the summer.
    Also..Congrats to Stetson..he looked confident and capable. And Georgia’s riches at skill positions is a sight to behold!!


  28. Salty Dawg

    I’ll be stepping out for a minute or two…


  29. Biggus Rickus

    South Carolina has done about everything they can to keep the Alabama game competitive, and they’re still going to lose by 30.

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  30. D as in Dawg

    Meanwhile, the best defensive coordinator in the game is struggling against UK right now.


  31. Uglydawg

    Florida looks ragged against Kentucky. 3rd and G is still a thing.
    Mullen, with only 7 points at the half, said he thinks his offense is “doing OK”. He also took a moment to throw a player under the bus.


  32. Biggus Rickus

    That series before the half is why I don’t like Stoops as a head coach, even while I acknowledge he’s done about as well at Kentucky as anybody is likely to. That was way too conservative from midfield. There was potential there to get some breathing room so the game doesn’t come down to one possession in the fourth quarter.


  33. illinidawg

    Felipe is crushed.


    • Uglydawg

      Florida is better without Felipe.
      Kentucky chokes again.
      They were celebrating in the third quarter and after a failed fourth and one, they never looked the same.
      Florida sucks, though. Tennessee might give them some trouble.


      • Normaltown Mike

        That backup QB looked legit good. He’s got a live arm and can move.

        And FFS Kentucky, why in the hell do you have a kicker named Chance Poor? Did you also sign Noah Luck or Mist Kick?