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Always. Be. Coaching.

Yesterday marked the second straight game where Smart called a late timeout in a blowout.

Man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.  Besides, those timeouts were only going to waste.



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Movin’ on up, with an exclamation point

Sagarin’s computer may be confused about Georgia, but Bill Connelly’s is only going in one direction.

I know it was Arkansas State, but that was a straight out dominant win yesterday.  We should be as impressed about it as Bill’s computer is.


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“Blame me, I’m good with that.”

Meanwhile, on the Flats, the Geoff Collins Experience continues on its merry way.

In an alarming result that only future games and seasons will be able to put into full context, the Yellow Jackets were stunned by The Citadel 27-24 in overtime Saturday afternoon. Against an FCS opponent, Tech was haunted by an option offense highly similar to the one former coach Paul Johnson directed for 11 largely successful seasons, sending the Jackets to one of the more humbling defeats in team history.

Holy genius, Batman, how in the name of Waffle House could the Jackets lose to a team that came in 0-2 (with losses to two Top 25 FCS teams) and was a 27-point underdog?  Glad you asked.

Defensive players said that they had not had a good week of practice as they overlooked their FCS opponent.

“I don’t think that this week there was super good attention to every detail, like we should, and that showed up (Saturday),” linebacker David Curry said. “But we’ve just got to show up to play, and every single game, no matter who you’re playing, you can’t just roll the ball out and think that you’re going to win.”

Too bad there’s no catchy slogan for that.  Or this:

For instance, the three unsportsmanlike-conduct penalties within a six-minute span of the second quarter, indicating that Tech at least was able to successfully install the taunting part of its defense this week. The Jackets couldn’t do it against Clemson because, well, they’d just get laughed off the field. And presumably it was just too hot against South Florida to expend the energy. But against this humble FCS opponent, they seemed more than ready to write checks with their mouths that their bodies couldn’t cash.

Give ’em credit.  At least they know when to pick their spots.

Meanwhile, from StingTalk (which, by the way, is everything you could hope it would be and more) comes this gem.

The upside? Tech is being talked about again. The downside? For all the wrong reasons. I was ar Hudson’s. Someone brought up we lost to Citadel. A dwag asked if Citadel was favored. A dwag at another table said GT by 27 and we are the easiest game on their schedule.

Hard to argue.

It’s gonna be a good year.


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For Boom, TFW everything you’ve got isn’t close to being enough

Alabama didn’t bring its A game to Columbia, but it brought the next best thing.


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The Russian judge gave him a 7.

Kids, don’t try going full helicopter at home on your own.


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The passion of the GPOOE™

Judging from the emails I received, a number of you have seen this clip of Tebow going off on the state of California for trying to ruin college football.

“I know we live in a selfish culture where it’s all about us, but we’re just adding and piling it on to that where it changes what’s special about college football and we turn it into the NFL where who has the most money that’s where you go,” said Tebow. “That’s why people are more passionate about college sports than they are about the NFL. That’s why the stadiums are bigger in college than the NFL because it’s about your team, about your university, about where my family wanted to go, about where my grandfather had a dream of seeing Florida win an SEC championship and you’re taking that away so young kids can earn a dollar. And that’s not where I feel like college football needs to go.”

First off, I don’t question Tebow’s sincerity on the matter.  I don’t even doubt that, had been given the choice at the time, he would have turned down the opportunity to take money.

But that’s just it.  No college athlete is given that choice, by NCAA diktat.

Beyond that, I also doubt Tebow realizes how incredibly tone deaf his comments are.  His grandfather had a dream about Florida; most of Tebow’s teammates’ grandfathers wouldn’t have been allowed to attend Florida.  As he talks about young kids earning a dollar, all I can consider it where that got Green and Gurley, both of whom grew up in considerably less comfortable circumstances than did Tebow, and wound up on the wrong side of the NCAA for relative pennies.

Had the COA stipend come a few years earlier, I wonder if Tebow would have had the willingness to stand up in a team meeting and fervently urge his teammates to reject it.  What I don’t wonder is whether his teammates would have gone along with it.  My bet is that most of them would have found this thinking more compelling.


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Sagarin’s computer is still on drugs.

The week before, 46th.  Then Georgia beats a one-loss Sun Belt team and is now… wait for it…


Sagarin has Notre Dame tenth.  Where Georgia will stand if it wins Saturday night is something only Gawd and the computer’s dealer knows.


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Lingerie on the field

This Kenny McIntosh cut yesterday was positively Moreno-esque.

Fifth.  String.  Back.


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The moment your humble blogger became convinced UGA doesn’t have a receiver problem

I know it’s early and I know Kirby’s already out there with the grumbled warnings

“All people see is the catches, (and) you don’t see what he does when he doesn’t have the ball or you see a busted route,” Smart said. “He had several things today that he didn’t do right, so he has a lot of improving to do.

“I know the consensus will be he had catches, he had wows, he had this. But when he didn’t have the ball or the ball wasn’t thrown to him, it was because he wasn’t doing what he was supposed to do.”

… but count me in the group that says, yeah, this is looking like somebody else’s problem to worry about.


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