For Boom, TFW everything you’ve got isn’t close to being enough

Alabama didn’t bring its A game to Columbia, but it brought the next best thing.


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15 responses to “For Boom, TFW everything you’ve got isn’t close to being enough

  1. Hitting the Rapinoe at the end was a particularly badass move.

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  2. J-Dawg

    Lather, rinse, repeat: until they play us! If we can take away his quick slants, he’s rendered average.


    • Derek

      They seem flawed to me. Can’t force the run game. Too reliant on Tua. Defense isn’t as stingy vs the run or pass as it’s been in the past.

      Wouldn’t be surprised that we don’t see LSU come December.

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      • Biggus Rickus

        They’re young up the middle, so they should be somewhat susceptible to power runs, but I’ll believe LSU can beat them in Tuscaloosa when I see it.


      • sniffer

        They were weak in the middle, it looked to me. Second level (middle LB) was empty a lot. Maybe coverage took the mlb’s out, IDK.


  3. Teams aren’t scared to throw down the field on them anymore. They really made hay when SEC QB play was awful. But now that it’s not, I’d be shocked if someone doesn’t get them in the regular season. Their secondary can be had.


  4. Granthams replacement

    Boom doesn’t teach tackling fundamentals very well. 2 had high pad level and the other looked at the ground when trying to tackle.


  5. Macallanlover

    That was a very impressive run, no doubt, but it belies the total picture of Bama’s run prowess. Only 74 yards yesterday, and spotty the 2 weeks before. Agree with above, while I want to play Bama in Atlanta for reasons unrelated to the match up, or likelihood of us winning the SEC title, it is very possible we get LSU in December. And yes, LSU looks to be the better team at this point. I said this summer, it was close to 50/50 in the West with a slight edge to Bama because of the home field advantage. I think from what we have seen so far, I give the edge to LSU. Going to be a massive game in Tusky in early November.


  6. Russ

    I think both Sackerlina and Florida got better by losing their starting QBs. Still middle of the pack, but better.


    • dawgman3000

      Add Kentucky to the list as well. That kid was eating towel boy’s lunch until he hurt his wrist against UF last night. I was wondering why that kid wasn’t starting over Terry Wilson from the get go.

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      • Uglydawg

        Me too. I also wonder why Franks was still starting at UF. One point to remember is injuries and suspensions had decimated Kentucky’s defensive backfield by the fourth qtr. when Florida started hitting everything. Kentucky still choked as only Kentucky can do. Should change their mascot name to “Falcons”.