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College football’s state of parity, in one sentence



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Now that the cupcakes are gone

Thought this chart of ESPN’s FPI remaining strength of schedule was interesting.

Screenshot_2019-09-16 ESPN Football Power Index - 2019 - ESPN

That’s ten SEC teams in the top seventeen… but not Alabama (44th).

By the way, given the SOS ranking, Georgia’s 4.5% chance of winning out is actually pretty impressive.


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Two for the price of one

I mentioned Lawrence Cager’s masterful blocking job Saturday.  Here’s one of my favorite examples, where on Blaylock’s big touchdown, he clears the way by knocking out not one, but two, ASU defenders.

I bet that gets a few “atta boys” in the film room this week.


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Ahmad Wagner Watch

Okay, I admit it.  I’m obsessed.  Wagner’s now my favorite SEC player who doesn’t wear red and black.

After the Florida game, his stats are still absurd.

On just 18 career targets, Wagner has come down with 9 receptions and drawn 8 (!) pass interference flags against smaller DBs overwhelmed by his size and ability to box them out on jump balls.

The only thing I can’t figure out is why they don’t throw to him more.


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How can you tell when the offensive line is doing its job?

This is pretty dang impressive.

Georgia is second in all three categories.  It’s also the only team on that list with less than 10% of all its running plays going for zero or negative yards as well as over half its runs going for 5+ yards per attempt.


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Cry havoc, and let loose Bill Connelly’s stats!

Hopefully, it’s a work in progress.


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A reader bleg… and a bash

Finally!  Now we can talk about the Notre Dame game.  I’m going to start by reminding one and all about what a great trip I, along with much of Dawgnation, had in 2017.  Everyone in South Bend was friendly and gracious.  And everyone coming to Athens deserves to have the same courtesy extended to them.  Make ’em feel welcome enough they can tolerate a big loss, amirite?

Moving on, I received an email from reader Timphd, who has a request for us that I’ll share here:

I am hoping you and the other readers can give me some advice. I am coming back to campus for the Notre Dame game next week. My first game back since the early 90’s. I live in Maine and it is nearly impossible to get back for a game due to work and family demands. However, in the last two years I have made the Notre Dame game in South Bend and the Rose Bowl against Oklahoma.

Next week my wife, son and daughter in law are headed to Athens for the game. We paid through the nose for tickets but have no regrets. What I need advice on revolves primarily around the logistics of the game. Here are my questions for the readers:

How early before kickoff do you have to present to the gate to be sure you don’t miss the kick? I nearly missed the kick in Pasadena due to how long security took. I used to like watching pregame warmups. How early would we have to get there for that?
Where is the best tailgating? I know we won’t be able to set up a tailgate, but we hope to have a little time to engage with other fans and get a sense of the scene now. As I said, my last trip to Athens for a game was in the early 90’s. I am sure much has changed.

Where should we try to grab lunch and/or dinner if we are mostly on foot? What are the recommended food options within walking distance of the stadium. How about after the game for (hopefully) celebratory drinks? I expect the whole town will be hopping and lines will be long, which ones are worth the wait? Or are there some off the beaten path places that people recommend?

As someone who rarely travels downtown on game day, I’ll leave it to you guys to share advice in the comments.  I will say that between the extra seats being sold, ESPN’s appearance and the level of ACCPD’s crowd/traffic management, I expect Athens to be a zoo Saturday.

As far as pregame goes, plan on heading into the stadium 45 or so minutes ahead of game time to watch warmups.

As far as tailgating goes, my group plans on being in early Saturday and setting up for the long haul — and, believe me, with the game not ending until after eleven, a long haul it will be — so y’all are invited to drop in and see us any time you like that day and spend some time enjoying yourselves.  I’d love to see any of you.  As always, we will set up in the lot by the tracks just north of the stadium.

Screenshot_2019-09-16 Impacted Lots - North Campus UGA Transportation and Parking Services

On that map, it’s designated as N08.  I’ll try to post a picture of where we are in the lot once we get there on Saturday.  In any event, I hope you’ll drop by.  If you time it right, you may run into Hoppy, star of stage, screen and the Montana Project, who’s also making it back to Athens.  If nothing else, maybe you can put a face with a moniker.

A good time will be had by all, I promise.


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