Monday morning buffet

Grab yourself a plate and go.


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12 responses to “Monday morning buffet

  1. 3rdandGrantham

    A #3 vs a #7 team rarely if ever has such a spread. Either Vegas thinks there is a grand canyon sized gap between the top 3-4 teams and the rest, or ND is severely overrated. Or perhaps a combo of both. I’ve watched both of ND’s games this year and came away unimpressed myself.

    As bad as SEC officiating is, the PAC 12 is far worse, if nothing else because they egregiously are biased towards certain schools. And in OOC matchups like this one, they always favor in PAC 12 school with criminal-like calls. As soon as I read about a Pac 12 controversy involving a member and non-member school, I instantly knew the OOC school got hosed.

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    • Biggus Rickus

      FPI has them sixth. I think once you get past Oklahoma, there is a giant gap between the elite and the rest. It looks like you have a tier system with Alabama, Clemson, Georgia and maybe Ohio State, followed by the 1-b tier of LSU and Oklahoma, then a pretty big drop to the next tier where 7 through 20 is a big crapshoot (depending on how good Wisconsin actually is).


  2. Mark

    Senator, I think every SECW team faces LSU and Alabama next season, not LSU and Auburn.


  3. PDawg30577

    While the Taggart buyout/little-kid-with-a-lemonade-stand story is amusing on one level, that kid’s dad is starting way too early with his prototypical-booster-douche lessons. You hear people lament that some poor families’ kids “don’t stand a chance.” Some “fortunate” families’ kids don’t, either.


  4. GruvenDawg

    Shrink the supply for the number of commercials in a game and the demand will go up and you can charge more per commercial. Didn’t these guys take Econ 101?


    • Macallanlover

      Has always been the best option, the very first option, to be implemented. Gradual move to the point where there are few bidders and then stop. There are obvious points where they are back to back, to back, to back, to back. And times where there is one play separation (TD, XPT, commercial X5, then a kickoff, commercial X2, followed by a new drive.) Seriously, that is about 5 minutes of commercials just to change possessions after a score with a usually boring kickoff play sandwiched in. And there is a lot of scoring these days in most college games. That is about 1/3 of the length of time halftime is supposed to last. How many commercials in a CFB game versus an NFL game?

      I would also like to see back-to-back TOs by the same team before a play is run eliminated from the game. “Freezing” a kicker is the easiest example to get rid of.


  5. It’s definitely time for either sponsorship for a part of a game (the rotating logos on the screen) or the soccer ribbons. Have true TV timeouts only after scores. The TV timeouts after every stoppage of play have gotten ridiculous.


  6. stoopnagle

    Auburn deserves it.