Two for the price of one

I mentioned Lawrence Cager’s masterful blocking job Saturday.  Here’s one of my favorite examples, where on Blaylock’s big touchdown, he clears the way by knocking out not one, but two, ASU defenders.

I bet that gets a few “atta boys” in the film room this week.


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10 responses to “Two for the price of one

  1. Smoky Joe Would

    And that is why he starts! He is earning it just with his blocking alone. Grown Man!

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  2. kfoge

    I love the use of Cook in motion to the Left side, you see 2 D players move in that direction, meaning less D players on the side of the pass. Great design Coley.


  3. Bulldog Joe

    Coley trusts Cager from his time at Miami. Cager needs to avoid raising his hands after a block. Refs will call holding every time.



    I like the way our WR’s are shaping up.


  5. Biggen

    Miami was glad to get rid of him. Those idiots….


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    I’m Hines Ward, and I approved this message.


  7. Texas Dawg

    It seems that this is a team of ultra talented, alpha male, superstars that Kirby has managed to mold into a TEAM. It appears that they have checked their egos at the door and are willing to do what ever it takes to make the team successful. That is no small miracle. The ones who have not been able to do that have either moved on, on their own, continue to view the game from the bench, or Kirby helped facilitate their move on down the road. It is the superstars willing to block, play special teams, share the field (etc), do all the dirty work little things that will make this team and the ones for the foreseeable future a threat to go all the way.


    • Russ

      I agree. We have 5 running backs that could start (and some would star) at other schools, yet they are happy to share time here. And it’s the same at other spots. Looks like everyone has bought in.


      • ugafidelis

        I like to think in today’s world, they don’t mind sharing the touches. They can get to the NFL (the ultimate goal) with a whole lot less mileage, and I’m sure the recruiters emphasize that over the Heisman, which is a 1 in a million chance.