Before you can look forward, you gotta look back… again.

Wallow in the pleasure of Nick Toomey’s Twitter thread reliving the 2017 Notre Dame game.

I learned a lot about that Georgia team — the defensive speed, Nick’s and Sony’s rebound, Roquan’s dominance, the overall grit and determination of those players — but the biggest thing I learned that night was that Jake Fromm had the guts of a burglar.

To call that throw clutch is almost a disservice.  Just a monster of a play when Georgia absolutely had to have it.

Good times.


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13 responses to “Before you can look forward, you gotta look back… again.

  1. Jack Burton

    The throw was risky – the catch by Wims was CLUTCH


  2. My recollection of that game, both in real-time and now watching the highlights, was how close we were to busting it open.

    I mecole hauls that catch in, then we’re off to the races.


    • Got Cowdog

      I’ve always felt if that game had had another quarter we would have run them out of the stadium. I remember the clips of ND players on the sidelines in the 4th, they were just about done.


      • Just Chuck (The Other One)

        I know it’s a night game but it will still be hot in Athens. Probably hotter than South Bend. Think that will be a factor in this game?


        • Got Cowdog

          I do, actually. Game time temps will be low to mid 80″s and Sanford has a lot of mass that will have been sitting in the sun all day so it will still be plenty warm on the field. I think ND hangs around for the first half, but UGA doesn’t have much dropoff from the ones to the twos and the grind will show results halfway through the third.


  3. 81Dog

    Early in the game, Fromm targeted Wins in the end zone, fired it right at his numbers. The DB reached in and broke it up. Wims stood up, looked at Jake, and gave him a thumbs up hand gesture with a vigorous pumping motion. Next time, same spot, Jake threw it up high. TD. That, for me, was the point I realized “the moment is it too big for this kid.”

    Left the game that night thinking Jake had a little bit of the mystique that Buck Belue had shown in the Tech game as a freshman. Nothing since has made me think differently. I also felt like we were close to blowing that game wide open. Holyfield’s KO return called back. Mecole’s drop. All the silly personal fouls. Yet, we win anyway. That showed me we could handle adversity. The MSU game showed me we could handle prosperity.

    Our A game, if we play it, should thump ND. Can we bring it? Speed, power, and depth are all in our favor. We got the claim check, time to go pick up the baggage.

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    • dawgtired

      ” I also felt like we were close to blowing that game wide open.”

      Indeed. The funny thing about watching that game, even as close as it was, the whole time felt like we would win. ND had a tig..err Dawg by the tail and it was just a matter of time…


  4. 81Dog

    IS. NOT TOO BIG Grrrrrrrrrr


  5. 1) We have better dudes
    2) I believe we have a better staff
    3) We will have an overwhelming home field advantage

    To me, this feels like a lot of those Bama-LSU games of recent memory. LSU would come in thinking they had a chance just to watch Saban’s boa constrictor suffocate the life out of them.

    Dawgs 31-20 in a game not as close as the final score indicates.


  6. dawgtired

    I think I pulled something watching Sony make that cut. Ouch!


  7. BuffaloSpringfield

    My “ Inner Munson” keeps whispering those guys with the gold hats have pulled out some games that were just miracles……. I know, I know but I beg Dawgs “Hunker Down One More Time”.


  8. Busta

    We had similar expectations and hype for the Sugar Bowl. This time the team has something to play for and mostly every starter playing. All I hope for is that we come in and play our game, our way.