“The football gods are watching.”

Honestly, do any of y’all feel this?

No. 3 Georgia and No. 7 Notre Dame are both steeped in rich tradition, but they don’t have much real history together, not as far as actual on-field meetings go. Yet their matchup Saturday feels like one filled with the bad blood, pettiness and season-changing implications that go hand-in-hand with rivalry games.

The “bad blood” evidently is supposed to extend from last year’s CFP, which the Irish made and Dawgs didn’t.  Not sure who’s feeling that now, especially after Georgia laid an egg in the Sugar Bowl.

This just seems like the kind of trumped up stuff Mickey loves to invent, because it’s not enough to have a first-time meeting in Athens between two great programs that both come in ranked in the top ten.  I’ve got the feeling I’ll be really glad I can’t watch College GameDay Saturday.


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  1. Uglydawg

    It’s all made up and flagellant.
    This (I believe) is only the third meeting between the programs. Georgia has won two squeakers; the 80 Sugar Bowl for the NC and of course 2017.


  2. Biggus Rickus

    I stopped watching Gameday years ago. It’s just bullshit and human interest stories I don’t care about.

    And no, there is no feeling of a bitter rivalry because undefeated Notre Dame got in the playoff over two-loss Georgia last year. Even though Georgia was probably better. Besides, Georgia would actually have been competing with Oklahoma for the fourth spot.

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    • Otto

      Agreed on Gameday and no bad blood with ND from anything on field or playoff selections.

      ND is like the Yankees with far fewer titles, people love them or they very much don’t. The anti-ND camp doesn’t buy into the media narrative that often has the Irish overrated and after Holtz they have more often than not been shown overrated.

      UGA is 2-0 against them 1 for a National Title and the other was a spring board to play for a National Title, both teams are in the title hunt currently. UGA took over ND’s stadium and most ND fans view UGA as a less storied program than their annual rivals… easy to make a big story with all the factors in play. My feelings on ND haven’t changed in decades I don’t see anything recent or directly related to UGA/ND playing that has changed my feelings about ND. I wouldn’t view a game against Ohio St (which Fields hasn’t changed my feelings on them) or Southern Cal with any really different feelings. If anything I would dislike ND less as by all accounts I’ve heard or read ND was a gracious host. So no I’m not buying the media narrative.

      Needless to say I hope what we’re hearing in the team being ready and not buying into the hype of them is true, UGA wins big and continues a march to Atlanta for a collision with the West champ for a defacto play off game.


    • stoopnagle

      I quit watching Gameday for two reasons: get something done on a Saturday and English Premier League.


    • Bat City Dawg

      the human interest stuff is tough to swallow. I am all for people overcoming disease, death, and dismemberment, but not what i want to consume every saturday morning


  3. Biggen

    I must have been under my rock since last season. UGA fans were really mad that Notre Dame got into the CFB and we were left out after that Texas loss?

    I think you are right, Senator. That is totally made up.


  4. stoopnagle

    stares blankly



  5. Puffdawg

    Yea, no hard feelings here for ND. I’m expecting a pleasant day of tailgating between to canvases who respect each others programs. Hoping for a great atmosphere and football game where the dawgs come out on top.


  6. Tommy Perkins

    I’m not bitter about being left out of the CFP — OU won its conference and beat every team on its schedule. P5 teams that do that should be in the playoff. I would think anyone with any bitterness about that was disabused of it by our performance against Texas.

    Irish fans were supremely gracious when I visited South Bend in 2017. Best roadie I’ve ever been to, and that includes the Rose Bowl. I hope they are treated fabulously in Athens.

    So, no, Mickey, I don’t know what the !@#$ you’re talking about.


  7. Greg

    Just sorta reading between the lines (Kelly), but get the feeling that ND feels like they are gracing us with their presence…..

    Thinks the Dawgs gonna show their welcome with hostility. Fock their pompous attitude.

    48 -17…….DAWGS!!!


  8. Mayor

    Not much of a rivalry when one side always wins. Just sayin.’

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  9. dawgfan1995

    Well, the story was written by Andrea Adelson, ESPN’s ACC writer who graduated from the University of Florida.

    So, yeah, garbage ginned up by Mickey and the crew in an effort to create a story line where none exists.

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  10. stoopnagle

    I did see in Schlabach’s article that this is the first non-conference match-up between top ten teams BTH since 1966. (Dawgs beat tech because of course).


  11. No to the bad blood.

    On another unfortunate front, the Spike Squad is trying to drum up a blackout on twitter. Eyeroll.gif

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  12. Bright Idea

    If they sold their tickets to us in 17 I’m still wondering just how many Irish fans will actually show up Saturday all pissed off. They proved that they love money more than football already so even their big donors who earned tickets for this game may have sold them.

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  13. 79Dawg

    Can’t believe we haven’t gotten the “It’s the game of the century (this week)” hype yet – Sad!


  14. Derek

    There has always been bad blood as far as I’m concerned between the sports media favored teams from the north like Michigan and notre Dame and southern football. Mainly because they think far too much of themselves than is deserved. A bunch of condescending elitist pricks imho.

    When herbie says the game of the year is Michigan vs OSU in 2019 and says Michigan should rematch OSU in 2006 title game but in 2007 you can’t play for a title without winning a division, I mean just shut the fuck up. Its just breano cook’s clown act regurgitated like some annoying inane zombie from beyond the grave.

    I hate those sumbitches we’re playing Saturday night and I don’t care who knows it.

    Fuck their “tradition.” Fuck Knute Rockne. Fuck the George Gipp. Fuck Ara Parsegian. Fuck Lou Holtz. Fuck the four horseman and fuck that abomination of a goddamned leprechaun.

    I’d rather lose every other game on the schedule for the rest of my life than lose Saturday’s night.

    “Kill dawg kill!!!” and don’t stop until those muthafuckas understand that they do not fucking belong in the same field with our beloved football team.

    3-0 or death. If there’s a #4 it better not be because they ever ever ever volunteer for it again. I want them to admit they’ve had all they want of us.

    That is all…

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  15. ApalachDawg

    espn is dead to me except for live games. when dan patrick left that was the final straw for me. besides i watch EPL on saturday mornings now.

    can’t wait for this game.

    i admit that i am rare south GA Bulldog grad redneck that is Irish Catholic and pulls for ND (when it doesn’t impact the Dawgs).

    i hope we crush their spirit and will by the 1Q so much so that they will want to quickly retreat back to their plane, assume the fetal position while whimpering for mommy and beg never to have to play Kirby’s war machine again. Then they can go back and hang out with all the other damn yankees.


    • I too am a southern Irish Catholic. Used to root for ND until 2012, when it became so clear that their independence was unfair to the rest of the country. Last year proved it again. If they would just join the damn ACC we wouldn’t have this problem, and they could have our favor again. .


  16. AceDawg

    I’m excited for the prestigious match up. Most of us have wanted games like this FOREVER. Certainly not about hate though – we just want UGA to put on a great show on the big stage and make sure the lore of Irish football from decades ago doesn’t match the UGA of right now.


  17. FlyingPeakDawg

    F* those M*F’ers. It needs to be said.


  18. Jared S.

    I knew the football gods had intervened when this was announced as an SEC on CBS game. SCOOOOOORRREEEEE.

    As I’ve said a million times…. games on ABC/ESPN and FOX look like local high school broadcasts. CBS has the best college football broadcast by a country mile.


  19. Whatever. ND is going to get blasted.


  20. illinidawg

    I’m still annoyed that the morons on 960 were babbling about spitting on ND fans.


  21. CB

    Sounds like some of y’all need a little zing in your zang zang

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  22. CB

    I’ll go one further. The only reason I gaf ab this game is because ND is the best opponent we’ve played to date. That said they look as overrated as they always do. People are paying 5 or 6 (or more) times face value to watch Georgia play an inferior opponent at home? Why? Because of Rudy and Knute Rockne? I don’t get it.