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This is why they pay Colin Cowherd the big bucks.

I would venture to say that every reader at this blog knows more about Joe Burrow than this lazy ass does.

You have to admire Corch’s restraint there.  I’m not sure I could have held the snark back there in response.


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Envy and jealousy, epitaph edition

The punchline to this obituary is epic.

Bob’s only regret is that his beloved Tennessee Volunteers Football team preceded him in death.



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Your 9.18.19 Playpen

Trust me, this is one of the coolest stories you’ll ever read:  “This is Duane Allman’s guitar. I don’t even know what to do with it!”

Rock on in the comments, peeps.


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Mellowed out

The guys at Chapel Bell Curve were gracious enough to invite me on to a podcast last night.  One of the things we discussed was the context of where the Notre Dame game fits in the history of big games between the hedges, at least the ones we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing directly.

For me, one of the striking things about Saturday night’s match is that when I think of big games in Athens, I usually view them in advance as being perched on a knife’s edge — sometimes the Dawgs are favored, sometimes they come in as a bit of an underdog, but either way, I’m always nervous about the outcome — and for some reason, I don’t find myself feeling that way this week.  I’m pretty calm about Georgia’s ability to prevail against Notre Dame.

Okay, for one specific reason, which I hit on yesterday:  Georgia’s run game versus Notre Dame’s run defense.  I don’t see Notre Dame’s path to victory if the Irish can’t restrict the Dawgs’ ground game and there’s nothing either team has done so far in 2019 to suggest they can.

DawgStats breaks some of that down here.

Notre Dame has played two games. New Mexico and Louisville.  Opposing offenses have rushed the ball 93 times with a YPA of 4.9 and surrendered 4 rushing TDs. (Dawgs have yet to allow a rushing touchdown)

The Fighting Irish have,  get this, allowed 331 yards AFTER CONTACT.  This is a YAC/Att of 3.5.  I mean, have you seen our RBs truck folks?  Teams got 28 1stDowns on those 93 attempts.

If I filter for 11 personnel (1 RB, 1 TE, and 3 WR), UGA’s base, ND Defense YPA goes to 5.7 and all 5 broken tackles surrendered.

If I filter with score differential of +/-7,  ND is allowing 5.9 YPA, YAC/Att 4.3, and giving up 1stdowns on 33% of rushes.

Even if, for the sake of argument, you start with the position that in every other phase of the game the teams are relatively even, the disparity in the run game of each seems too big a hurdle for Notre Dame to overcome, barring my usual caveat regarding turnovers.

Throw on top of that my perception that Gary Danielson is correct in assessing that Georgia’s overall talent is deeper than Notre Dame’s and that’s how I find myself imbued with a weird lack of anxiety this week.  Hell, I almost feel sheepish about it.  What about you?


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“I hope it becomes more commonplace because it’s better for the sport.”

Georgia’s Josh Brooks, who played a major role in scheduling the home-and-home with Notre Dame ($$):

“It’s better for everyone,” he said. “It’s better for the fans that are season-ticket holders that they get these experiences, at home and on the road. It allows them to go to places they haven’t been to before, or haven’t been to in a while, and it brings marquee matchups here. And it helps the town, right? Helps hotels, brings visitors here. It’s great for Athens. I hope the standard (Smart) has set and what they’re working on, hopefully it catches on with everyone in the country.

I know I appreciate it.


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Have we got an investment opportunity for you!

Call it the law of unintended consequences, but with tax deductions for contributions to college athletics off the table now, is this the future for athletic departments (at least the ones with serious cash on the books)?

Think of SunTrust Parks/Batteries blooming across America’s campuses.  Then think of your typical college athletic director managing that.  Should be glorious.


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Par for the course around these parts

Is there anything more Georgia than Tyson Campbell playing the best game of his career last week, then turning around to miss the biggest game of the season with an injury?

Georgia’s been getting good work from its corners.

Ah, well.


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A few legislatures here, a few legislatures there…

… and pretty soon you’re talking about a real problem for the NCAA.


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Home cooking

This is… good.


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Justin Fields’ Georgia legacy

Kendall Milton is a five-star running back in next year’s class who is currently committed to Georgia.  His father, Chris, tweeted this charming tidbit yesterday.

Adam Sasser is the gift that keeps on giving.  I wonder how many other recruits’ families are hearing garbage like that.


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